Final solution! Highly effective insecticide that keeps your life free from cockroaches!

Final solution! Highly effective insecticide that keeps your life free from cockroaches!

Cockroach: a creature that gives you the creeps. Cockroaches start to be active when it gets warm. It is said that there must be 100 cockroaches if you see one. You need to act fast to eliminate them. Here’s a product for you to win a battle and eliminate all the cockroaches from your home just by placing it in areas where they tend to appear.
The most famous cockroach insecticide in Japan is “COMBAT”. It is one of the best-selling items of KINCHO, a major manufacturer of insecticides. Formulated with bait that contains an insecticide, just one can eliminate the whole colony of cockroaches. This product’s best characteristic is that it can eliminate a lot of cockroaches. When one cockroach eats the food in the COMBAT, its effect also works on the ones that live around it. Traditional methods to eliminate cockroaches, such as insecticide sprays and insecticidal trapping sheets, cannot be the solution to the root of the problem. Some people use fumes but it takes a lot of work covering things like tableware to ensure its particles don't settle on anything.

If one cockroach eats “COMBAT”, then the whole colony will be killed

“COMBAT” doesn’t cause any trouble. All you have to do is place it in the area where cockroaches tend to appear. When one cockroach eats the toxic bait in “COMBAT”, it goes back to its nest and dies there. Cockroaches eat the carcasses and feces of other roaches. The residual insecticides contained in the carcass can also kill other cockroaches. It works on eggs that female cockroaches carry, preventing more cockroaches to be born. The domino effect of “COMBAT” lasts for six months covering an entire season.

COMBAT works on every kind of cockroach in the world

Some say that bugs can be killed most efficiently with the insecticides produced locally. However, “COMBAT” is effective on every kind of cockroach in the world. You can see its effects on the day you place it, even on stubborn, resistant cockroaches. Anywhere in the world, your life will be free from cockroaches as long as you have “COMBAT”.

Why you need to act fast?

Most cockroaches cannot survive winter. Also, they hardly breed under the temperature of 25℃. It is best to exterminate them when they are few in number, and not breeding. Place “COMBAT” before it gets warm, and you won’t see cockroaches anymore!

Highly effective, yet small enough to be hidden anywhere

Place “COMBAT” in every gap including a kitchen cabinet below the sink, behind the fridge, and the TV, under the washing machine, and the porch. You won’t see cockroaches anymore. “COMBAT” is small enough to fit in small gaps.
An enemy of the human race: cockroach. Don’t you want to say goodbye to them forever and start a comfortable life? If you are still annoyed with cockroaches, you should try KINCHO “COMBAT”. If you have any friend or family having trouble with cockroaches, how about buying “COMBAT” as a practical souvenir!
“COMBAT” on the shelf: one of the most popular products in Japan. DATA ◆COMBAT
Effects: cockroach extermination Active Ingredient: hydramethylnon Duration of use: 6 months (varies depending on use environment) How to use: use 1‒2 per 10㎡ (approximately six tatami) Product Page : http://www.kincho.co.jp/seihin/insecticide/go_combat/ Official Website : http://www.kincho.co.jp/