Skin ointment made in Japan: Solve all your family’s skin problems with Kip Pyrol!

Skin ointment made in Japan: Solve all your family’s skin problems with Kip Pyrol!

On the market since the 1940s, Kip Pyrol has been stocked in family’s medicine cabinets for over 70 years and is still widely used today. This product that has been loved by grandparents, their children, and now even their grandchildren, is currently a popular souvenir among foreign tourists due to the high quality of Japanese production and fashionably cute packaging.

Home remedy skin ointment loved for its cost performance

Kip Pyrol is a type of medicinal skin ointment with a hearty texture made from three different kinds of sterilization ingredients and natural herb oils. Apply some to the affected area on your skin every day and start to see your skin problems and small wounds guided to recovery without worrying about any white residue. All it takes is a small amount to cover your affected area, and 600 yen for one can (15 g) goes a long way making for quite the bargain.
So, how exactly do all the Kip Pyrol lovers use this ointment ?

Use for those everyday cuts and scrapes that just can’t be avoided

Kip Pyrol is generally used for everyday wounds such as papercuts or scrapes from a nasty fall. For those who think, “I wish this would heal just a little faster,” apply some to the affected area before bed and cover with a gauze or band aid. The sterilizing ingredients in the ointment permeate wounds, supporting recovery in various types of wounds from the pus festered to the dry.

Also works for preventing scars from light burns

There are tons of dangers that can burn us in the safety of our homes! When you’re cooking at the stove and oil spatters out of the pan giving you a light burn on the arm, it’s time for some Kip Pyrol. Speed is vital when dealing with burns, so apply some to your wound as quickly as possible. What if you’re in the middle of cooking? No problem! Kip Pyrol has water repelling properties that stay strong in the middle of cooking or when doused with water so the ointment can protect and disinfect the wound while you work.
For ladies who use hair irons for setting hair, have you ever burned your scalp or neck with a hot iron in the process? For those times, get Kip Pyrol! Apply some to the wound and you won’t have to worry about any distracting white residue left behind by the cream.

Recommended for fashionable women

Kip Pyrol can be a great partner to those busy ladies who seek to maintain their beauty daily. But what happens when even though you’ve done your nails, cracks are left on your fingertips from dry skin? Or how about when your stockings get caught on the dry skin of your heels? For these kinds of cracks and dry skin, just massage some of the ointment into the affected area and bring back your silky smooth skin!
Kip Pyrol also shows its wonders on limbs and armpits that are victim to razor burn from shaving unnecessary hair. Rub some of the hearty ointment on the affected area to disinfect and care for you skin! Of course, Kip Pyrol also works well for any razor burn men may encounter on their faces.
Our biggest enemy in the hot seasons is the sunburn! Sunburns cause inflammation making our skin extremely sensitive. The first thing to do with sunburns is to cool down the affected area, and then apply a light layer of Kip Pyrol. In case of pain or peeling skin, apply the ointment to a gauze and then put on the affected area.

The cute cans are also super popular on social media!

As a matter of fact, recently Kip Pyrol is all the rage among fashionable girls in Japan! One of the reasons for its popularity is its “cuteness.” You can find the distinctive yellow and red design on the cans of the ointment getting a lot of attention on social media. When you finish all of the ointment, we recommend using the can as an accessory or as a tin to hold various small goods!
Kip Pyrol skin ointment will help you battle a wide variety of skin trouble from cuts and scrapes to light burns and even sunburns. Go ahead and check out Kip Pyrol as a potential souvenir from your trip to Japan. Product Information Kip Pyrol – Hi Second-class OTC drug 600 yen/15 g, 1,250 yen/40 g (Desired market price, excluding tax) Place of Sale: Drug stores around the country, and other stores that sell pharmaceutical goods Preservation Method: Keep out of direct sunlight. Effective for about 3 years after manufacturing date. *The editorial staff cannot guarantee the effects of the aforementioned product.