A strong ally on your trip! What are these “business hotels” that can be found only in Japan? Introducing Japan’s representative business hotel chain: Sunroute Hotel!

A strong ally on your trip! What are these “business hotels” that can be found only in Japan? Introducing Japan’s representative business hotel chain: Sunroute Hotel!

Other than traditional ryokan, unique accommodation facilities in Japan

There are tons of accommodation facilities that are indispensable to travel such as hotels, hostels, guest houses, and vacation rentals. Of course, we can’t forget to add Japan’s famous traditional-style inn, the ryokan. But as a matter of fact, there’s one more special accommodation option to be found in Japan that maybe you haven’t heard of before. That special secret is … “business hotels.” What the heck are those?!

What are business hotels?

Business hotels can be found in every area of Japan and are designed for people to stay in during business trips. For this reason, business hotels are both convenient and full of friendly services. Of course, they are also great for travelers. You’ll surely miss out if you come all the way to Japan and not use this resource!
Here we’ll introduce all of the qualities of business hotels through Japan’s representative “Sunroute Hotel Chain.”

Qualities of Japan’s amazing business hotels!

◆Unbeatable locations! Found right in front of train stations! What’s important on business trips is location. So, business hotels can be found near train stations all over the country. This is also great news for travelers. Here we’ll focus on the Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, known as the closest hotel to Shinjuku Station in downtown Tokyo. Access is easy as you can take limousine buses directly from both Narita and Haneda airports. This will really save you if you’re worried about dragging your suitcase on and off the train from the airport.
◆Service equal to that of top-class hotels It is known all over the world that Japanese business is strict toward both performance and etiquette. Of course, hotel services in Japan are equally so in customer service! Perhaps it’s because of dealing with business customers that the accommodation service holds such a high standard. The hotel staff is always thinking about their busy guests who come back tired from work and make efforts to not be too obtrusive. This system of hospitality focuses on noticing the customer’s needs and interfering delicately only when needed.
By the way, the Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku has recently added the friendly robot, Pepper to their staff!
◆Reasonable pricing to accommodate the tight budgets of business trips The prices of business hotels are set reasonably low to accommodate for the costs companies pay for business trips. This means affordable accommodation for travelers as well! ◆Perfection of cleanliness For any of you who may think, “I want to stay in a cheap hotel, but not if it’s dirty!” Japan’s business hotels hold up to the highest levels of cleanliness. Recently, there has even been a growth in trendy designs among business hotels.
◆Compact but efficient and comfortable rooms Most business trips in Japan are made by one person alone. This is one of the reasons why the rooms are so compact. Many people may also have to do work from inside of the hotel, so most hotel rooms include sufficient desk space and wifi. This works great for mid-trip social media time as well! There are also many hotels outfitted with high-quality beds like Simmons so you can get a full night’s rest and be fully recharged for the next day.
◆Full of amenities so you can travel as light as possible! Business is a game of speed! This means that immediate business trips are sometimes called upon. It is to this end that business hotels have so many convenient amenities. Business people who come in a rush with only one suit can relax as most hotels offer a pants presser, shoehorn, toothbrush set, air humidifier, as well as many other amenities that will make many travelers say, “They even have one of these!?”
By the way, some hotels are even equipped with 24-hour money exchange machines and washing machines. Talk about convenience, eh!

Experience staying at a Japanese business hotel with the Sunroute Hotel chain!

These business hotels found only in Japan are pretty cool, huh? If you decide to stay at one of the 70 plus hotels from the Sunroute Hotel chain found all over the country, you’ll be able to experience stellar “Japanese hospitality” that has been trained against the strictest of business patrons. Make use of your newfound knowledge and stay at a business hotel on your future trip to Japan!
More details about Sunroute Hotel! http://www.sunroute.jp/english/index.html