Japanese Coffee developed to match the water in Japan

Japanese Coffee developed to match the water in Japan

AGF, a major Japanese food manufacturer, has launched a coffee product “Sen.” The concept of this product is “Coffee grown by using the water of Japan.” It was developed to match the soft water in Japan, and beans are specially selected such as ones from Tanzania or Colombia. The beans are roasted with a unique method, which maximizes aroma while reducing bitterness and acidity. Its clear taste, and delicate fragrance go very well with Japanese confectionery as they firmly enhance their elegant sweetness.

Coffee served and well-received in the summit

"Sen" was dripped cup by cup and served for free to the media staff of each country who were conducting the 24-hour coverage in the International Media Center on the occasion of the Ise-Shima Summit held in Japan last year, and it was highly well-received. The number of cups reached 7,583 in two days! They could provide the media staff from overseas with a relaxing drink during their work.
"Sen" served in the International Media Center
CHAYA corner installed at the International Media Center was based on “Wa” or Japanese aesthetics
“AGF Sen was served in the International Media Center during the Ise-Shima Summit.”

Perfect with Japanese confectionery!

"Sen" is roasted with a unique method wherein the time period and the temperature is changed to balance the bitterness and acidity, thereby extracting the taste and aroma of the beans which match Japanese confectionery to a maximum level. Although it is very delicious by itself, please try it with Japanese confectionery.

Elegant richness: Kojun-koiaji

“Kojun-koiaji” features the fragrant smell of the selected beans, elegant richness and a profound flavor. Especially, it goes very well with Japanese confectionery which contains anko (sweet red bean paste) and has strong sweetness such as dorayaki (anko sandwiched between sweet pancakes) or manju (steamed bun filled with anko).

Mellow and brilliant: Tanrei-sumiaji

“Tanrei-sumiaji” is drip coffee characterized by a mellow, elegant, brilliant, and silk-like smooth aftertaste. This goes very well with Japanese confectionery which is flavorful such as karinto, fried, crispy sweet, or fragrant kurumi mochi (chewy rice cake with walnuts)! You can feel “the deliciousness of water,” and it is said to be appetizing like Japanese tea even when it gets cold. Please experience a blissful moment with Japanese confectionery and coffee in Japan.
"Sen" is developed to match the water of Japan, but it is delicious with any soft water not only the one available in Japan. It can be purchased at convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. This Japanese coffee will be appreciated as a souvenir!

You can try "Sen" for free at the biggest festival of confectionery in Japan!

AGF will install a booth “Reiryo Coffee Ten - Sen” around the tea ceremony area at the event site of the biggest confectionary festival, the 27th National Confectionery Exposition, in Mie in Japan that will be held in Mie from April 21 (Friday) to May 14 (Sunday), 2017. "Sen" will be served for free here! Tea and Japanese alcohol are also recommended, but how about a Japanese coffee experience at this open, Japanese-style space in a pleasant season? 27th National Confectionery Exposition in Mie Official Website http://www.kashihaku-mie.jp.e.yk.hp.transer.com/
“Reiryo Coffee Ten - Sen” installed at the 27th National Confectionery Exposition in Mie Product Page http://sen.agf.jp/