Japan’s super popular black tea paper pack “straight tea” from the “Afternoon Tea” (Gogo-no-Koucha) series is making a comeback!

Japan’s super popular black tea paper pack “straight tea” from the “Afternoon Tea” (Gogo-no-Koucha) series is making a comeback!

This is Japan’s No. 1 black tea brand *"Kirin Afternoon Tea" (Kirin Gogo-no-Koucha). You can find the 500 ml “straight tea” in various locations like convenience stores and supermarkets as they make comeback in the carton drink box style! *Researched by the food-marketing research laboratory corporation (recorded in 2016)

Popular in Japan and around the world: “Afternoon Tea”

The “Kirin Afternoon Tea” series went on the market in 1986 and achieved such popularity as to be considered “the” black tea of Japan. The series features a wide variety of teas to casually enjoy including classic flavors like straight tea, milk tea, and lemon tea, as well as seasonal and special time-limited flavors that have been supported by a large number of fans regardless of age or gender. These teas are sold not only in Japan but all around the world, so maybe many of you have already tasted this high quality tea!

Special method that allows you to taste both the depth and sweetness of black tea

Of all the “Afternoon Teas,” one of the most popular is the “Kirin Afternoon Tea Straight Tea” (500 ml carton pack) which has been renewed and released from March 7, 2017 (Tuesday). This new release of the “straight tea” utilizes a “rich micro leaf” technique that grinds the black tea leaves super fine so as to release the genuine flavor of black tea making for a tea with an even stronger depth than before while still offering black tea’s characteristic sweet taste.

Also check out the cool new package!

The recent renewal isn’t just about the flavor! Afternoon Tea Straight Tea’s packaging has also been revamped with a cool new design to help you better enjoy your relaxing experience with the tea.

“Afternoon Tea” is THE beverage for your travel break

There are lots of other flavors in the “Afternoon Tea” series to enjoy in addition to the recently renewed “straight tea” (500 ml carton pack).
This is “Afternoon Tea’s” standard 500 ml pet bottle type. All of the teas including the Dimbula tea from Sri Lanka used in the refreshing straight tea, Candy tea with a smooth flavor used in the milk tea, and the aromatic Nuwara Eliya tea used in the pleasantly acidic lemon tea are imported directly before cutting so that they are freshly cut only after arriving in Japan.
For those who want something that isn’t too sweet, we recommend the delicious unsweetened “oishii mutou” (delicious unsweetened)! This is a tea featuring Darjeeling tea with an invigorating aroma processed in the fresh-cut method.
Here is the “espresso tea latte” which is made with tea and espresso extract creating a wonderful deep flavor. The espresso tea latte was produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Afternoon Tea.” While maintaining the refreshing taste of black tea, this drink also allows you to enjoy the luxurious flavor of espresso. There are a wide variety of limited seasonal flavors to enjoy in addition to the classic teas in the “Afternoon Tea” series, so by all means go ahead and pick one out to try for yourself.
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