Get radiant and smooth skin by applying nothing but the new〈Mineral UV Glow Base〉!

Get radiant and smooth skin by applying nothing but the new〈Mineral UV Glow Base〉!

This spring, the natural look is in vogue in Japan!

Bright, radiant, smooth natural makeup provides soft but refined feminine impressions, making it popular even among famous models. This trend has gained widespread support from women all over the world and Japan is no exception. Japanese base makeup products have received excellent reputation and users shower praise like "Applying these products helps my skin look natural, and helps my makeup last longer." Many visitors to Japan purchase these products as gifts for family and friends back home. In this edition, we will introduce Mineral UV Glow Base, a makeup base released by ETVOS.

Reasons why ETVOS has a high reputation

ETVOS has recently been receiving a great deal of attention among Japanese cosmetic brands. Its brand concept is to offer mineral beauty and skincare products that help customers have a natural look. The secret to its popularity is that ETVOS offers a wide range of beauty and skincare products made with simple, natural ingredients. Even with simple ingredients, these products will make you look fantastic! Some of their products don't cause damage to your skin even if you don't cleanse your face after using the product. Customers are delighted with ETVOS’s products due to their quality as the products are developed with care based on research done by dermatologists. Another reason for ETVOS's popularity is their reasonable prices.

About Mineral UV Glow Base

Mineral UV Glow Base, recently released by ETVOS, is the best product for radiant and smooth skin. It spreads smoothly over your skin and contains plenty of moisture like applying a serum. Therefore, it can create a perfect natural look that lasts long! ETVOS is committed to its quality and has developed Mineral UV Glow Base under the supervision of Mr. Yusuke Kawakita, one of the most famous makeup artists in Japan. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind cosmetic base that you can get only from ETVOS!
Product name: Mineral UV Glow Base SPF37PA+++ (MSRP 4,300 yen plus tax)

Secrets of MineralUV Glow Base

1. Get clear skin. The secret ingredient for clear skin is glow pearls. Mineral UV Glow Base contains glow pearls with exquisite proportion of silver and rose. They will make your skin look fresh, radiant and natural. In addition, you will get plenty of moisture into your skin, almost the same as your skin conditioner after bathing. 2. Protect your skin from UV rays Mineral UV Glow Base has good UV protection (SPF37PA+++) and contains ectoine that helps keep your complexion healthy. It will significantly protect your skin from UV light. 3. Does not require cleansing. Mineral UV Glow Base doesn't contain any chemical additives, such as silicon, mineral oil, petroleum surfactant, and synthetic fragrances. Therefore, you can wash it off without any cleansing agents.

Recommended products to use with Mineral UV Glow Base

◆Cover up patches and dark circles under your eyes! The base works well with Mineral Concealer Palette and Mineral Concealer. These products help clear your skin and enhance its radiance providing a smooth, clean finish.
Product name: Mineral Concealer Palette (MSRP 4,500 yen plus tax)
Product name: Mineral Concealer (MSRP 2,500 yen plus tax) ◆Improve your complexion! If you apply Timeless Shimmer Mineral Foundation or Mineral Highlight Cream after the base, you will manage to get a perfect complexion.
Product name: Timeless Shimmer Mineral Foundation (MSRP 3,800 yen plus tax)
Product name: Mineral Highlight Cream (MSRP 3,500 yen plus tax) *Certain products may not be available at these shops. Please contact the shops about product availability.


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