Enjoy virtual reality, the hottest topic taking the world by storm, at VR Park Tokyo!

Enjoy virtual reality, the hottest topic taking the world by storm, at VR Park Tokyo!

An overwhelmingly immersive VR experience in Shibuya

Many people think that VR is super fun but haven’t had the opportunity to try it. VR Park Tokyo is an entertainment facility with VR gaming attractions open to all. VR technology shuts out what’s going on around you and you are pulled into the world of VR blurring the boundaries of reality. The sense of immersion is completely different from video gaming, and is intense as you experience emotions as if in real life situations like nervousness or fear when surrounded by enemies. There are various VR facilities in Japan but VR Park Tokyo, which opened near Center-gai in Shibuya in December 2016, is easily accessible in one of the most popular tourist places in Japan.

Gun action and magic carpet: stuff you can’t experience anywhere else!

A total of six gaming machines are available that include a mission-clear type game just like the gut-wrenching gun action unfolding in “Die Hard” on top of tall buildings, a fantasy world where you become a hero taking advantage of a sword and shield destroying enemies as if in a real battle, a magic carpet ride in the immense sky giving you a sense of exhilaration as you try to balance yourself while operating the carpet, light attractions like fighting with monsters or getting rid of ghosts lurking in buildings, and a VR version of a nostalgic baseball pinball. Of these, four are multiplayer games and can be enjoyed with friends or family or as a couple. *Plan to open a bunjee jumping VR attraction at the end of February.

Play along with free drinks for 80 minutes

If you book in advance online, it costs 2,900 yen; in case of same day purchase at the door, the price is 3,300 yen per person. Each slot is 80 min long and you can enjoy intense action with your friends if you wish or have the choice to enter midway and just try one or two games. To ensure that users are fully satisfied, there is a limit on the number of people that can use each attraction at a given time. It is possible to enter on the same day without reservations but it is highly recommended to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment and waiting. You can actually play VR games, experience various emotions for the first time and have fun with VR gaming machines that weren’t available till date. This is especially recommended if you have never experienced VR. Trust us, you won’t be let down if you visit with your sweetheart or with friends!


VR PARK TOKYO Address: 4F KN Shibuya Bldg., 13-11 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo Opening hours: 10:00~22:30 https://www.adores.jp/vrpark/