Hyakudan Hina Matsuri - Kyushu Hina Kikou II

Hyakudan Hina Matsuri - Kyushu Hina Kikou II

An exposure to Japanese aesthetic, experience Japan and art at Meguro Gajoen

We're sure many of you think "There's not much related to Japanese culture happening in Tokyo!" However, that's not true. Meguro Gajoen is known as the first wedding complex in all of Japan and has been around for about 90 years. This event will be held at Meguro Gajoen where you can get a chance to admire about 2,500 objects of art, a space that is often used as a stage for films and dramas.

Get an insight into the world through the unique Hyakudan Kaidan (Hundred-step Staircase)

Within the Meguro Gajoen, Hyakudan Kaidan, is the most famous. The Hundred-step Staircase belonging to Meguro Gajoen is a one of a kind wooden building and is registered as an intangible cultural heritage of Tokyo. The 99 steps are connected to seven gorgeous rooms. Usually, this staircase is not open for display and this is the only event when you can set your eyes on this marvel. Along with the hina dolls, at every turn, you will see elaborate artwork by famous artists and floors and columns made using over 100-year-old wood.

A labor of skill and art: a display of about 1,000 hina dolls

You can enjoy "Hyakudan Hina Matsuri-Kyushu Hina Kikou II," one of the biggest and finest hina doll displays in Tokyo, till March 12 (Sunday). Experience a spectacular display with about 1,000 hina dolls from the southern region of Kyushu in Japan at the Girls' Festival, a spring tradition in Japan. For the past seven years, about 400,000 visitors have witnessed this event each year.

A chance to see a special display of precious hina dolls normally unavailable to public

On March 3, hina dolls are displayed for the seasonal festival of Hina Matsuri or Girls' Festival. Hina Matsuri is celebrated to pray for the well being, good health and growth of girls. At the Meguro Gajoen, you get a chance to see dolls made by famous artisans as well as inherited dolls that represent Japanese traditional technique and art. This is a great chance to also see hina dolls used by poetesses like Byakuren Yanagihara from the early 1900s that are not on display normally. Don't miss it!

A sight of Japanese festivals with Hina Dolls in the most prolific space

Amongst all the gorgeous display, a must see is the recreated sight of "Japanese festivals as seen by Hina" in Gyosho-no-Ma, the most lavish room. Here, you can see famous festivals recreated from all over Japan like the parade of floats at Gion Festival in Kyoto, Hakata Gion Yamakasa, Nebuta Festival of Aomori among others. The image of about 800 dolls enjoying these festivals is a great way to enjoy the sight of Japanese seasonal events much loved since old days. Since you probably will be in Japan only for a short time, this is a wonderful opportunity to see the atmosphere and feel of various festivals in Japan.
If you wish to see hina dolls, an essential spring event in Japan, then you must visit Meguro Gajoen. Easily accessible from the popular tourist areas of Shinjuku and Shibuya, how about spending a morning at Meguro Gajoen for an intense cultural experience?


The Hyakudan Hina Matsuri Dates: Jan 20 (Fri) - March 12 (Sun) Place: Megrogajoen 1-8-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Time: 10:00 - 17:00 (Last entry: 16:30) Entry fee: 1,500 yen for adults; 800 yen for students; free for those younger than elementary school age Website: http://www.megurogajoen.co.jp/event/hinamaturi/