Taste Tokyo's Best: 3 Upscale Restaurants That Won't Empty Your Wallet

Taste Tokyo's Best: 3 Upscale Restaurants That Won't Empty Your Wallet


Craving exceptional cuisine in Tokyo without breaking the bank? Look no further. This feature introduces three premium restaurants in Tokyo, each offering exquisite dining experiences for under 10,000 yen. From traditional Japanese fare to shabu-shabu and grilled meats, we've got you covered. Let's explore these culinary gems.

Amenochihare (雨後晴)


Amenochihare, meaning "clear skies after rain," is an upscale Japanese restaurant with locations in Tokyo's trendy Aoyama and Ebisu districts. This establishment stands out for its seasonally rotating course meals, showcasing the finest ingredients Japan has to offer.


Despite its luxurious atmosphere, Amenochihare is popular for both business meetings and special dates, drawing both Japanese and international clientele. At the Ebisu branch, course prices start at 6,600 yen, with the most expensive course at 9,000 yen (excl. tax). The Aoyama branch is slightly pricier, with courses starting at 7,000 yen and going up to 11,000 yen (excl. tax).


Each meticulously crafted dish reflects the chef's dedication to seasonal ingredients. For instance, a June specialty might feature tai (sea bream) soup with mizuna, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas.


The full course typically includes an array of Japanese delicacies: vegetable appetizers, seasonal fruits, sashimi, grilled fish, tempura, meat dishes, and rice. Staff can recommend perfect drink pairings to complement your meal.

Highlights often include a sashimi platter featuring premium seasonal fish like kinmedai (golden eye snapper), tai, katsuo (bonito), and salmon.


Another standout is the grilled kinmedai, crispy outside and tender inside, served with a spicy miso sauce and myoga (Japanese ginger).

The chef's kinmedai dish is a testament to the art of Japanese cuisine. Despite its seemingly simple presentation, this elegant grilled fish entails a complex, multi-step preparation process. The result is a masterpiece of contrasts: a crisp, golden exterior giving way to a delicately soft interior. When savored alongside its carefully chosen accompaniments, the kinmedai transforms into a standout course.


The second half of the course focuses on meat, with a beef steak cut into bite-sized pieces, served with avocado, asparagus, and grilled potatoes, all topped with a rich miso sauce. The steak is cooked at 65 degrees for up to four hours, resulting in exceptionally tender meat.

For those who do not eat beef, the staff can accommodate dietary preferences and allergies with advance notice.


The dining experience often concludes with a seasonal clay pot rice dish, such as sakura ebi (shrimp) rice during the rainy season cooked with seasonal vegetables.


The meal ends on a sweet note with warabimochi, a freshly made, bouncy, and soft dessert that melts in your mouth. It's elegantly paired with kinako bean powder and matcha green tea, a fantastic finish to a delicious meal.

At Amenochihare, every visit promises a unique, refined taste of Japan's seasonal bounty.


⚫︎ Business hours: Aoyama branch 18:00-23:30 (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays)

⚫︎ Google map for Aoyama: https://maps.app.goo.gl/f7gzgzwK8KSWhvUK9

⚫︎ Google map for Ebisu: https://maps.app.goo.gl/rVuQMNvrXWDCmHqcA

⚫︎ Official website: http://www.amenochihare.jp

Shabushabu Shotaian (しゃぶしゃぶ 将泰庵)


Located on the 8th floor of the Seibu Ikebukuro department store, Shabushabu Shotaian offers a luxurious shabu-shabu experience featuring A5 Matsusaka beef. Whether dining alone or with a group, Shotaian accommodates all preferences with private rooms for groups and individual pots for solo diners.

You can enjoy their exquisite meat either as part of a course or through individual dishes.


The key distinction between cheap and premium shabu-shabu lies in the quality of the meat, and Shotaian excels by offering top-tier Matsusaka beef at a reasonable price. With a background in grilled meat restaurants, Shotaian ensures that their shabu-shabu meat is of the highest quality. Course prices range from 6,000 to 11,819 yen (excl. tax), and there's also an à la carte menu for those who prefer to pick and choose.

Click here to find details about the courses and to see the menu.


Focusing on the deliciousness of Matsusaka beef, Shotaian's courses offer a comprehensive dining experience.


One highlight is the appetizer menu, featuring dishes that cannot be ordered individually, such as a refreshing crab salad with scallops and grapefruit. This combination perfectly prepares your palate for the meal ahead.


The next course includes raw A5 Matsusaka beef in a rich, thick broth. The beef is lightly cooked by the hot soup, maintaining its tenderness and semi-raw texture.


Another unique dish is the beef tartare (yukke), mixed with vegetables and oba leaves, and seasoned with a flavorful sauce. When combined with raw egg, it creates a delightful balance of flavors.


Shotaian’s signature dish is the Melt-in-your-Mouth Hamburger Steak (飲めるハンバーグ), incredibly tender and practically melting on your tongue. Made from A5 Wagyu beef, this hamburger is served with ponzu sauce, offering an unforgettable culinary experience.


In addition to shabu-shabu, the restaurant also serves sukiyaki. Dip the boiled A5 Matsusaka beef in a bowl of sukiyaki sauce with raw eggs for an instant sukiyaki treat.

For an exceptional shabu-shabu experience with top-quality meat, Shabushabu Shotaian in Ikebukuro is a must-visit destination.


⚫︎ Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-23:00 / Saturdays 10:30-23:00

⚫︎ Google map for Seibu Ikebukuro Honten : https://maps.app.goo.gl/HCrMZvzFboHxKP6d7

⚫︎ Official website: https://shoutaian-ikebukuro.com

Niku no Takumi Shoutaian (肉の匠 将泰庵)


Niku no Takumi Shotaian, a sister establishment to Shabushabu Shotaian, is a premier yakiniku restaurant that prides itself on serving top-quality Wagyu beef. Located in Kanda, this restaurant offers both course meals and à la carte options. Course prices start from 6,600 yen to 9,800 yen (excl. tax), making it a worthwhile investment for meat lovers seeking an upscale dining experience.


The Shotaian Special Course is a standout, featuring 15 dishes that take you on a culinary journey from appetizers to desserts. Priced under 10,000 yen, this course offers incredible value.


One highlight is the A5 zabuton beef, served as a large sheet grilled for just 10 seconds and enjoyed with refreshing ponzu sauce. The servings are also generous.


The course also includes three types of daily special meats, each carefully selected for its superior quality. The beef is so tender and flavorful that it practically melts in your mouth, requiring minimal grilling techniques.


Their beef tongue is particularly notable, grilled to perfection and never tough. You can choose to cook to till its crispy or have it lightly seared and tender.


A unique feature of the course is the sukiyaki grilled beef, marinated in sukiyaki sauce and served with raw eggs. This dish offers a delightful fusion of yakiniku and sukiyaki, providing a diverse and satisfying experience.


Another must-try is the King of Yukke, a lightly grilled Wagyu beef dish that retains the tenderness of raw meat. Topped with the restaurant's special sauce, sesame oil, raw egg yolk, spring onions, and sesame seeds, this dish is a flavorful treat even for those who typically avoid raw meat.


Main dishes include options like bibimbap, yukke, cold noodles, and Wagyu beef, all served in generous portions. You won't leave the table hungry, and you'll likely be amazed that such a feast is available for less than 10,000 yen.

Ending on a sweet note, the meal concludes with a selection of desserts, including vanilla ice cream, green tea ice cream, and milk pudding. For those seeking delicious, premium meat at a reasonable price, Niku no Takumi Shotaian is the perfect destination.


⚫︎ Business hours: 11:30-14:30 / 17:00-23:00

⚫︎ Google map for Kanda: https://maps.app.goo.gl/nJnn8dRoM7wKEWDk9

⚫︎ Official website: https://shoutaian-shin-nihonbashi.com/

We hope this feature helps you in selecting a delicious, upscale restaurant in Tokyo within a budget of 10,000 yen. The restaurants recommended here guarantee an exceptional dining experience, combining quality and quantity at a truly worthwhile price. Enjoy your culinary adventure in Tokyo, and rest assured you won't be disappointed with these choices!

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