Harakado: Your New Go-To Shopping Spot When in Harajuku

Harakado: Your New Go-To Shopping Spot When in Harajuku


In the heart of a modern fashion city where teenagers and fashion enthusiasts flock to shop, Harajuku (原宿) and Omotesando (表参道) stand out as ever-evolving zones. Here, shops and clothing trends change almost every month. To showcase the latest styles, a new department store opened on April 17, 2024, at the Meiji Jingu intersection, bridging Harajuku and Omotesando. This new hotspot is called Harakado (ハラカド), officially known as Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harakado.

Situated across from Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku (Omokado-オモカド), Harakado is part of the same recognizable chain. The building, which features 9 floors and a rooftop, houses 75 shops offering a wide range of products and dining options. Shoppers can explore the latest trends and enjoy a variety of cuisines in this modern shopping haven.

Packed with the Latest Fashion Stores


Inside the department store, you'll find an array of the latest fashions from popular clothing brands of today. Besides clothing stores, there are also jewelry stores and numerous appliance stores, each presenting their brand products in unique ways not seen in other department stores. Designed to inspire and generate new ideas, this department store aims to be a travel destination and a hub for showcasing the newest trends and innovations.

Showcasing Modern Culture and Innovative Ideas from Creators


Besides being a department store, this place is a showcase for Japanese creators. Walking through this shopping mall feels like strolling through a museum of modern Japanese design art. You can appreciate its beauty simply by exploring.

Additionally, there are numerous shops selling products from Japanese creators, including clothes, books, and more. There is also a space for exchanging ideas and information among creators, fostering a vibrant community within the mall.

COVER: A Space for Events


Many zones of this department store are decorated in captivating ways. One standout area is the COVER zone, featuring decorative ball lights hanging from the upper floors down to the ground floor. This stunning display attracts many visitors who come to take photos.

The COVER zone is actually an event space created by a small Japanese publishing company with a team called BUNKITSU (文喫). This area showcases magazines from 20 publishers and features collaborative books that are regularly updated. It provides a unique space where people can experience the tactile pleasure of paper and books in the digital age.

Integrated Art Exhibitions Throughout the Mall


Another fascinating feature of this department store is its collection of art product zones. These zones include collections, painting exhibitions, and various other artworks. Design schools have set up shops where visitors can discuss art education, and there's a small gallery showcasing the work of new artists. Many interior design companies also offer their services here.

This department store is a hub of culture and Japanese art, presented in a modern way that perfectly aligns with the current era.



Another surprising feature of this mall is the green space on the 4th floor called Harappa (ハラッパ). This area combines the concept of nature with the Harajuku experience, creating a serene environment. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by lush greenery and wooden elements, giving the feel of an outdoor garden. All materials used in this area are recycled, emphasizing environmental conservation.

Additionally, this floor includes a café and event zone created in collaboration with Tenoha Daikanyama, an environmental conservation organization.

International Cuisine


The 5th floor is a culinary haven, featuring a diverse array of restaurants and a food court zone. With an extensive selection of international cuisines, there’s something for everyone. Many restaurants boast modern, eye-catching designs, while some, like the well-known Ippudo Ramen, offer traditional decor with English signage for easy access by foreign visitors.


This floor is well-equipped with plenty of seating options, including standard dining tables, restaurant seating, and a green area perfect for sipping drinks. There are also balcony seats where you can enjoy the breeze and sunlight.

In addition to the variety of restaurants, you'll find dessert shops, beverage outlets, and THE STANDARD DRINKS café, offering a range of delicious treats and drinks. This floor serves as an ideal place to rest, recharge, and enjoy a meal during your shopping experience.

View of the Meiji Jingu Intersection


Because this building is located at the Meiji Jingu intersection, it offers a unique design that provides a clearer view of the intersection than other buildings in the area. You can enjoy this view from the balconies on the 6th and 7th floors of the department store. These floors not only offer a bustling atmosphere with many people passing by, but also feature seating areas where you can relax and take in the scenery. Additionally, there is a café where you can purchase drinks and snacks. This vantage point is a major attraction for visitors to the department store.

Kosugiyu, a Bathhouse in the Heart of the City


In such a fashionable district, the presence of a traditional Japanese cultural bathhouse is a novel addition. Designed with modern aesthetics, this bathhouse is accessible and appealing to teenagers. 

Kosugiyu (小杉湯) is a historic bathhouse from the Koenji area, operating since 1933. It offers both hot springs and regular baths, which can be used interchangeably. One of its unique features is the "milk bath," a renowned tradition passed down through generations. This new location beautifully blends the essence of the original Kosugiyu with the vibrant spirit of Harajuku, creating a unique and inviting space for visitors.


During the pre-opening period from April 17, 2024, to May 12, 2024, the bathhouse was exclusively available to residents of Meijijingu 1chome – 6 chome and nearby workers.

The Grand Opening was on May 13, 2024. The bathhouse is now open to everyone from 7:00 to 23:00. Please note that operating hours may be adjusted in the future based on demand and crowds.


How about this new department store in the fashion district? Conveniently connected to the Meijijingu subway station at Exit No. 7, this department store perfectly reflects the era and the needs of modern people. It offers everything from fashion and food to art, nature, and environmental care, including green resting areas. If you find yourself in Harajuku or Omotesando, be sure to visit this department store to experience the charm and modern culture of Japan.


Business hours: Varies on stores. Please check the official website.

Official website: https://harakado.tokyu-plaza.com/en/

Google map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/tdhLRRmetNMSs5359

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