Stay at JR Inn Hakodate for snowy vistas and the charm of trains

Stay at JR Inn Hakodate for snowy vistas and the charm of trains


Hokkaido is a winter wonderland and for anyone looking for a snowy holiday destination in Japan, Hokkaido should be top of the list. In this feature, we introduce a beautiful hotel at a convenient location in Hakodate, one of the main cities in Hokkaido.



JR Inn Hakodate is connected to JR Hakodate Station. This makes it easy to move between the station and hotel even when the weather is bad or you have a lot of luggage. Associated with JR, many elements related to railways have been incorporated into the interior design, making this hotel a must visit for train lovers. As soon as you walk into the lobby on the first floor, there is a railway track extending on the floor.



Through the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby, you get a glimpse of the fishing port.



In addition to ordinary sofas, there are also seats that were actually used in trains for waiting in the lobby.



You can choose what daily necessities you need in the lobby. There is also a small office area with a computer and other office equipment.



Below you see a photo of the standard single room. The mattress is by SIMMONS, one of the best in the world.



The design is definitely minimalist yet stylish. Subdued tones create a relaxing atmosphere.



The sink, toilet, and bathroom are small but modern.



The most exciting thing is the view from the window. The railway station is right in front of you and you can see the tracks disappear into the distance.



You also get a view of the harbor which is extremely lively in the early morning hours. For a more exciting view, visit the JR Inn Lounge on the 12th floor, which gives you a panoramic view of Mt. Hakodate. You can also enjoy browsing through browsing through books and magazines here and enjoy a free cup of coffee.



The hotel is just a 2-minute walk from the famous Hakodate morning market and to the tram station.



It is extremely convenient no matter where you wish to go.



Of course, you can just take the train as the hotel is directly connected to the station.



A special area for buying souvenirs called Shiki Saikan and a 7-Eleven convenience store is located within the station.



Winter illuminations around the station look particularly dreamy on snowy days. Dress up in warm clothing to truly enjoy this atmosphere.



Due to the hotel's fantastic location, you can also enjoy delicious food from Hokkaido within walking distance. One of our favourites is Nemuro Hanamaru, one of the three major kaitenzushi restaurants in Hokkaido. It's about a 5-minute walk and you'll find good quality, super fresh and reasonably-priced sushi here.



If you plan to visit Hakodate in the future, we highly recommend this hotel for a comfortable stay.
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