KUMU Kanazawa: A modern Japanese-style hotel

KUMU Kanazawa: A modern Japanese-style hotel




Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture is a popular tourist town due to its well-preserved Edo era structures. Often referred to by Japanese as "little Kyoto," the city is dotted with ancient buildings including teahouses and temples. In recent years, it has also seen the opening of many modern art spaces resulting in a perfect mix of new and old.


In this feature, we talk about a modern Japanese-style hotel in downtown Kanazawa. KUMU Kanazawa is run by THE SHARE HOTELS, and was built keeping the concept of "sharing with locals" in mind. The hotel incorporates artworks by urban artists too keeping in sync with the essence of Kanazawa.



On the first floor, other than the reception, there is also a café where you can sit and sip tea or coffee as well as grab a drink.



Minimalist decor with the warmth of wooden accents makes it a relaxing space.



There is plenty of seating space including counter seats and sofas. Since free Wi-Fi is available, it is used by many as a temporary work space.



Let's check out the hotel. As soon as you enter, you will see this beautiful art installation.



On getting a closer look, this installation is made using clothes pegs.



Here is a stylized version of the kanji character for cow (牛).



Kanazawa is also famous for its ceramics.



This is another shared space for you to sit and relax: ideal for when you're waiting for the laundry to get done or having a cup of tea.



Even the laundry room is a work of art.



A coin-operated laundrette makes washing easy. Since there are plenty of machines, you don't have to carry too many clothes.



Let's take a look at the room. A simple layout with everything you would need is placed perfectly in a compact manner. The translucent window frames lets a soft light into the space. The futon is arranged like a regular bed and is very comfortable.



There is also a low floor table by the Japanese-style window.



Everything you need to make a cup of tea is provided in the room.



The cupboard is large with floor space underneath it for you to place luggage so it is out of the way. You can easily fit long coats, trousers and so on in the closet. Design and function both come together in an aesthetic manner.



The bed has a plug point by the head and a simple lamp is provided for light, which is very handy for bedtime reading. The bathroom comes with a bathtub too.



If you are looking for a simple yet modern place to stay when you visit Kanazawa, consider this accommodation! https://www.thesharehotels.com/kumu/
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