Unwind in Korinkyo, a boutique minimalist hotel in Kanazawa

Unwind in Korinkyo, a boutique minimalist hotel in Kanazawa




Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture is a popular travel destination. Known as second Kyoto, there are many traditional teahouses and wooden structures that take you back to ancient Japan. It has a perfect mix of traditional and modern architecture as well plenty of contemporary art galleries and museums.



In this feature, we talk about a new hotel that combines a modern style with traditional Japanese minimalist interiors. Korinkyo (香林居) is an aesthetically-designed hotel with a unique vibe and relaxing, calming atmosphere. The arched entrance is eye-catching.



Upon entering, you will find a perfume distillery where you can buy creams, soaps, and perfumes. Go past the store to find a warm dining area.



Arches are a major feature of this hotel. Minimalism is the principle at heart and subtle features add a beautiful touch.



This was the cheapest room and although narrow, the interiors are elegant and the room feels spacious. The bed is below an arch as well and a shelf is available to keep books or your charger.



Each aspect of the room is well thought out.



There are two kinds of Taiwanese tea in the room. It has a projector (no TV) for you to stream Netflix or other services.



You'll find Taiwanese-style tea cups and snacks.





The sofa in the room is compact.



The washbasin is a blend of modern Japanese with a small-tiled wall that gives off a Taiwanese vibe. All hand soaps, body soaps and lotions are by Petrichor, a unique brand which is also available at the hotel.



The body lotion has a subtle fragrance.



Bathrooms in the smallest rooms do not have a bathtub but you can enjoy a soak in the public bath on the top floor.



The luggage storage area at the entrance room has a robe too. A simple shape that will help you relax straightaway.



The best part of staying here is a simple Taiwanese breakfast that is served on platters. The porridge transports you to Taiwan.



The hotel also has a rooftop open air bath and a sauna as well as an isolation tank on the lower floor. Check out the official website to find more about this boutique hotel in Kanazawa.


Korinkyo (香林居)

Google Map https://www.korinkyo.com
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