Visit Hamarikyu Gardens to escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo

Visit Hamarikyu Gardens to escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo


Tokyo is a bustling metropolis with people constantly on the move. Despite being a thriving city, there are plenty of quiet, beautiful spots that take you back in time. In this feature, we introduce one such spot, the Hamarikyu Gardens, in the heart of Tokyo.



Opened to the public in April 1946, the Hamarikyu Gardens are just a 5-minute walk from Shiodome Station on the Oedo Subway Line. At the entrance, you will notice this imposing stone wall.



The gardens have several features of a traditional Japanese garden. The best part are the large seawater ponds throughout the gardens.



The level of the water in these ponds changes with the tides. The surrounding skyscrapers of the business district of Shiodome reflect in the still waters that result in wonderful photographs.



In Tokyo, Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu Gardens, Kiyosumi Garden, and the former Yasuda Garden used to also have tidal ponds but as of today, only the ponds at Hamarikyu are connected to the sea.



The traditional teahouse floating on the water with high-rise buildings in the background creates a sense of calm.



This teahouse, a typical Japanese wooden structure, is called Nakajima Ochaya (中島御茶屋).



With shoji screens, bonsai, and tatami, you are instantly transported to the world of Edo.



Once you look through the gardens, taking a break at the teahouse is a great idea.



You can order freshly-made matcha that is served with a sweet.



No matter the season, the view from the teahouse is just breathtaking.



The pine trees in the garden are said to have been planted when the sixth shogun family renovated the garden. Yukitsuri is a traditional technique to protect trees from heavy snow. Here you can see the ropes creating a geometric shape to protect the pine.



Each season, you can enjoy a variety of flowers blooming. In spring, you see the yellow rape blossoms and cherry blossoms.



In winter and early spring, you will see plum blossoms. There are also peonies, cosmos and several other varieties of flowers.



The best part is you can take a boat from here all the way up to Asakusa on the Sumida River. Within walking distance from Ginza, you must stop by at the Hamarikyu Gardens.


Hamarikyu Gardens (濱離宮恩賜庭園) Address: 1-1 Hamarikyuteien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tel.: 03-3541-0200 Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00
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