Free observation decks offering stunning views of Tokyo

Free observation decks offering stunning views of Tokyo


Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world that sprawls over a wide area. With a blend of old and new architecture, it is a city that looks incredibly beautiful from high up. In this feature, we introduce observatories that are free for all and you can visit them during the day or night.


1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories (東京都庁展望室) One of Tokyo's landmarks, located in the Skyscraper District of Shinjuku, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings have two observatories in each of its north and south towers.



On days when the weather is good, you can even get a glimpse of Mt. Fuji from these observatories that are at a height of 202 meters.



2. Caretta Shiodome (カレッタ汐留) There are observation decks on the 46th and 47th floors of Caretta Shiodome, a high-rise facility packed with retail stores and restaurants.



The views during the day, at sunset and in the night are all stunning. Highly recommended spot especially as its close to the station and centrally located.



3. Sky Carrot (キャロットタワ) Located in Sangenjaya, Setagaya Ward, this orange-colored building has an observatory on the 26th floor, which also has a restaurant.



It is not very high at about 126 m, but if the weather is good, you can even see Mt. Fuji.



4. Tower Hall Funabori (タワーホール船堀) Tower Hall Funabori is a complex facility located in Edogawa Ward where various events such as concerts and trade shows are frequently held.



The observation deck here is about 115 meters high and offers views of eastern Tokyo. You can get views of the Skytree, Mt. Tsukuba and the traditional neighborhoods of Tokyo.



5. Ebisu Garden Place (恵比寿ガーデンプレイス) Located in western Tokyo, Ebisu Garden Place, known for its Museum of Yebisu Beer, offers some of the best city views.



There is an observation deck and restaurants on the 38th and 39th floors. You can enjoy the night view while savoring a delicious meal.



6. Bunkyo Civic Center (文京シビックセンター) The government building for Bunkyo Ward, the Bunkyo Civic Center is located in the heart of Tokyo, close to the Tokyo Dome.



The observation deck is on the 25th floor at a height of about 105 meters. With views of the University of Tokyo, Koishikawa Botanical Gardens, Tokyo Skytree, Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tsukuba, the design of the observatory itself is cool with outward-slanting windows.



7. Hokutopia (北とぴあ) A multi-purpose facility located in Kita Ward, Hokutopia has several halls for exhibitions as well as performance spaces for kabuki and plays.



From the observation deck on the 17th floor, you can see the Tokyo Skytree and the gorgeous Asukayama Park, which is well known for its cherry blossoms. One of the cool things about this observatory is that it is right over the railway tracks and train lovers often come here to take photos of bullet trains.



8. Nerima Ward Office (練馬区役所) The last one is the observation deck in the Nerima Ward Office. Although the building doesn't seem like it might have an observatory, it has one on the 20th floor.



Other than suburban Tokyo views, you can also see the Tokyo Skytree.



When planning your Tokyo trip, make a note of these observatories as you can just enter these for free. Experience the charm of Tokyo at different times of the day and enjoy taking some amazing photos.
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