Visit Naoshima, Japan's art island, in the Seto Inland Sea

Visit Naoshima, Japan's art island, in the Seto Inland Sea


The Setouchi Triennale takes place under the framework of Art Setouchi. Held every three years, this is one of the most popular art festivals in Japan and attracts crowds from all over the world.


The exhibitions for 2022 are divided into three periods of spring (April 14 - May 18), summer (August 5 - September 4) and fall (September 29 - November 6), which will be held across different islands in the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai). Among the many large and small islands, Naoshima is home to world-class art galleries, museums and art installations, which is why it is known as art island.



Those aware of the art scene in Japan are no strangers to Yayoi Kusama and her Yellow Pumpkin placed by the sea at Naoshima. The bright, vivid yellow with the sea as the background leaves many in awe. You can also see her signature dots at various places on the island, and even on local buses.



Many local residents are also fond of these polka dots: how creative are these figures in front of someone's house.



On the street, you might even be lucky to see islanders who have decorated their cars with polka dots.



One reason why Naoshima is unbelievably popular is due to the many exquisite, world-class art galleries and museums here. Chichu Art Museum and Benesse House Museum are the most famous. However, no photography is allowed here.



Chichu Art Museum has a Monet Room, where five paintings of Water Lilies can be enjoyed under natural light. Next to the museum is also a pond -- a nod to the paintings.



You can also sit back and relax to enjoy limited-edition drinks and snacks at the museum cafe.



We recommend sitting outdoors to get a view of the sea.



Doesn't it feel serene?



In Naoshima, you can see all sorts of creative pieces in alleyways if you are observant.



The character of the island is such that most people here won't even blink an eye at seeing such kinds of cars.



Can you guess what this place is without taking a peek?



It turns out to be a parking space for bicycles. Even designs of mundane facilities have an interesting touch.



You will not find many eateries on the island. Expect simple but delicious, fresh seafood, and carry cash.



Naoshima and other islands in the Seto Inland Sea are only accessible by ferry from the ports of Takamatsu, Uno or Hoden.



Please make sure to check various timetables as not all ports service all islands. Keep an eye on the weather too to avoid a choppy ride.



Naoshima is just one of the islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The Triennale takes place across multiple locations and you may need a week or more to see all of the locations. If you love the sea, Japanese countryside and art, then this is a once-in-a-lifetime experince.
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