Tenku Terrace, a new glamping site overlooking Mt. Fuji

Tenku Terrace, a new glamping site overlooking Mt. Fuji



The Izu Peninsula is a popular sightseeing area due to its proximity to Tokyo, beautiful sea views, delicious seafood and most importantly, grand views of Mt. Fuji.


In this feature, we talk about a new glamping site in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, that offers spectacular views of Mt. Fuji. A must visit for those who love the outdoors. This glamping accommodation officially opens on July 1, 2022. https://www.tenkuu-terrace.jp/



Located on the top of a hill in western Izu, it takes about 3 hours to drive from Tokyo. The round tents are 6 meters wide and can accommodate four people, making it suitable for groups of friends or families. Each tent offers stunning views of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay so you feel very close to nature.



The best part is that each tent has its private outdoor bathtub for you to enjoy a relaxing time with Mt. Fuji for company.



However, toilets and showers are separate and meant to be shared. For those who wish to soak in an onsen, you can visit the neighboring Ufufu Ryokan.



The communal bath here also has a spectacular view of Mount Fuji.



This is a view of Mount Fuji in the evening from the accommodation.



Another fun aspect of staying here is that you can enjoy BBQ on the balcony of your room. You will be provided fresh seasonal ingredients including seafood such as shrimp, shellfish, crab as well as vegetables.



Breakfast includes toasty sandwiches, ham and eggs, soup and salad.



Shared bath area.



Shower area.



You can come here empty-handed as the hotel is well prepared to take care of your every need.



You can ask for a campfire to warm up or relax and enjoy the views from your balcony.

Tourist Attractions



Visit the Heda Shrine (部田神社) if you feel like seeing a typical Japanese shrine.



If you come during the diving season, you can dive or fish at Suruga Bay or Cape Mihama, or visit the Blue Cave of Dogashima.



Nishiizu Tenku Terrace (西伊豆 天空テラス)

Address: Google map Contact: 0558-99-9751 (09:00 - 17:00) Opens from July 1, 2022; Reservations start from June 1, 2022 Official website: https://www.tenkuu-terrace.jp/
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