Enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms and mimosa at Kuramae Shrine, Tokyo

Enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms and mimosa at Kuramae Shrine, Tokyo



When it comes to spring in Japan, all everyone talks about is sakura. Wherever you go, you are bound to see dainty pink cherry blossoms. Most travelers come specially to see this spectacular natural sight. But did you know there are also many other flowers that bloom at the same time as cherry blossoms. One such flower is the bright yellow mimosa. In this feature, we introduce Kuramae Shrine (蔵前神社) in Tokyo, where you can see kawazu-zakura and mimosa in their full glory.



This shrine is located close to Kuramae Station, Taito-ku, Tokyo. The cherry blossoms at this shrine are of the variety that bloom earlier than Somei-yoshino, which is the most popular cherry tree in Japan. This variety is called Kawazu-zakura and the petals of these are a slightly darker pink. The cherry blossoms here bloom from early March to mid-March depending on the weather conditions of each year.



Since the blossoms are a deep, dark pink, it is a very popular spot among photographers.



There is also a statue of a Shiba dog in the shrine precincts. Isn't it cute with petals on its head?



The shrine itself isn't too big but takes on a special charm in spring as it gets dressed in yellow and pink.



The deep pink color of this cherry blossom variety is beautiful. Quite different to the faint petals of the Somei-yoshino variety.



Another reason why this shrine is popular in spring is because mimosa flowers bloom at the same time as the cherry blossoms.



It is a rare photo spot in Japan, and more so, in central Tokyo.



Mimosa flowers usually start blooming from late February and are usually in full bloom around mid-March. Since they bloom slighly earlier than sakura, there may be some years where it is difficult to get a shot of the two at the same time.



Further the mimosa flowers are quite low almost at the same level as the average person's height. So you could take pictures up close with them.



If you love photography and live close to Tokyo, then this is a must visit.



The contrasting colors of the red torii and yellow mimosa makes for a great shot.



If you get a chance to visit Japan next spring, why don't you come and see the beauty of mimosa and cherry blossoms at Kuramae Shrine?

Kuramae Jinja (蔵前神社)

Best time to visit: Early March - mid March Official website: http://kuramaejinja.justhpbs.jp Google map
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