Pola Museum of Art: a beautiful synergy of nature and art

Pola Museum of Art: a beautiful synergy of nature and art



The Pola Museum of Art is an art museum located in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is a famous hot spring destination close to Tokyo. Founded in 2002, the concept of this museum is a "symbiosis between Hakone’s natural beauty and the works of art" and the unique beauty of the works displayed here is truly breathtaking. There is a wide range of works including European and Japanese paintings, ceramics, glassworks and so on. The structure is designed to let natural light in, so that you can enjoy curated works of art in the most instinctive manner possible.



The museum is a short bus ride from Gora Station. We visited in the cold winter months and were lucky enough to see snow in Hakone, a rare occurrence these days.



The works of art are displayed right from the entrance.



Our visit coincided with an exhibition based on the concept of water and reflections.



Each exhibit showcased how reflections of the outside world constantly changed. Watch these glass sculptures subtly change in color while you admire the beauty of nature outside through the window.





The exhibit includes photographs and text all featuring water.



The architecture of the building itself is fascinating with large open spaces.



Roni Horn captures portraits of a woman straight out of a hot spring bath in Iceland and documents shifts in her facial expressions.



You can also enjoy Claude Monet's work here.



His paintings, no matter how many years have passed, still retain their unique charm that have a calming effect.



There are also plenty of bright, colorful spots for cool photos.



And one of the unique spots at this museum is where the sculpture called "blessed dogs" is.



A thought-provoking piece talking about the freedom that animals should experience.



In addition to exhibitions within the building, there is also a path for walking around the building to see works of art being displayed amidst nature.



The Nature Trail is where you can experience the symbiosis between nature and art, the underlying concept of this museum.



Follow the wooden path and spot pieces of art.



This is a great way to spend a day as you won't be restricted to just being indoors.





If you ever plan to visit the popular hot spring town of Hakone, then add this lovely, quiet museum to your list.


Pola Museum of Art (ポーラ美術館)

Opening hours: Due to the pandemic, opening hours change often. Please check the official website for the latest updates. Official website: https://www.polamuseum.or.jp Google Map
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