Visit Choosebase Shibuya for an ultramodern shopping experience

Visit Choosebase Shibuya for an ultramodern shopping experience



With more shopping done online, a new shopping experience called OMO is gaining traction. OMO stands for Online Merges Offline, it is a shopping experience that connects online and offline systems together enabling customers to shop seamlessly. This type of shopping is seeing an increase in Japan and seems to be particularly catching on in Shibuya, which has changed drastically in the last few years.


In this feature, we introduce a new, unique department store called Choosebase Shibuya. This new store belonging to the major department store, SEIBU, opened on September 2, 2021, in the area between Loft and MUJI located in the SEIBU Shibuya branch. This is SEIBU's first OMO department store and the modern, contemporary design is particularly appealing to youngsters.



There are two entrances: one beside the entrance on the MUJI side (shown above),



while the other entrance is by the entry to the store Loft (shown above).



It is a small and compact store with about 50 new brands embodying the theme of "Retail Space of the Future".



The concept of the shop is based on how your current choices affect and are connected to your future. The power to choose is in your hands through informed decision making.



How to shop in this store There is a QR code placed in every product area. You scan the QR code of the product to add the product into your shopping cart.



In a first for the department-store industry, smartphones will take on some of the roles of sales staff, such as explaining products, and a system has been developed that allows customers to walk around the store without carrying a shopping cart.



Although the store itself is not very spacious, each area displays products by maximising space usage. The store is divided into BASE A, B, C, D, and one section for the cashier. BASE A, B, C is where you can shop by scanning the QR code and adding items to your shopping cart. Once you finish, present your phone to the staff at the checkout to pay the bill. BASE D functions as a cafe where you can relax, enjoy a chat or even do some work.



The products sold here are all handpicked items similar to a boutique store. The store offers a new shopping experience mainly targeting young people in their 20s and 30s by attracting brands with strong digital capabilities and cool minimalist designs ranging from fashion, cosmetics, sundries, and food.



Each space seems to seamlessly flow into the next.



Chic, minimal, contemporary, the interiors of the store are particularly impressive especially for those who love style. Even if you don't plan to shop, you can enjoy looking at products and experiencing the space.



The cashier is located in the center of the store. The store reduces the number of employees required and this is particularly crucial in Japan where there is a shortage of labour.



The walls also have holes or windows to look through.



This adds interest and you may be curious to visit a space you see across the hole.



This mirror is a spot for taking selfies. Isn't it cool?



Even the clothing store has a self-service system, all items can be picked up and tried on in the changing rooms.



The products sold here are all stylish and you can clearly see that design with functionality is of utmost importance.



Even the cutlery here is amazing.



Every aspect clearly highlights the concept: "Which way do you wanna choose?"



Once you check out each base, how about stopping by Base D, the Tailored Cafe, for a delicious cup of coffee.



There are a wide variety of coffee beans to choose from and the atmosphere is quite calming, unlike the rest of Shibuya.



There is also a walkway connecting to MUJI and the LOFT.



What did you think of this new concept store? An adaptation of the traditional department store to suit the current era. Don't forget to drop by when you visit Shibuya next time.



Choosebase Shibuya

Opening hours: 11:00-20:00 (As of Sep 2021) Official Website, Google Map



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