Our picks for individually wrapped chocolates perfect for this Valentine's Day!

Our picks for individually wrapped chocolates perfect for this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day will be here in a couple of weeks. Although the epidemic situation in Japan is still serious, there is no harm in celebrating a day with your sweetheart. However, one of the most important aspect of celebrating this year will be finding individually wrapped chocolates. In this feature, we introduce three of our favorites that are beautifully packaged and taste delicious.

BEL AMER Kyoto Bettei

The first choice is Chocolat Bel Amer. BEL AMER Kyoto Bettei is in a 100-year old machiya, a traditional merchant's house in Kyoto. At first glance, it is unimaginable to associate this Japanese-style building with the Western chocolate.



This specialty store focuses on Japan's seasonal characteristics including nature such as flowers in blossom, festivals and culture. The designs and flavors incorporate aspects of Japan in the most artistic manner possible.



Not only is the design unique, but the taste also reveals many layers of flavor. For example, the matcha azuki has three layers; a perfect amalgamation of the bitterness of matcha and the sweetness of azuki beans, this one is a favorite among foreigners.



Even though the taste of chocolate is classic, this version has a surprise with every bite. The nuts add an interesting texture and flavor making it quite rich.



The strawberry caramel flavor is even more fascinating. The pink part has the sourness of strawberries that is balanced by the sweetness of chocolate. As you bite further, there is a burst of intense caramel.



In addition to the three above, there are many other flavors to choose from and the best thing is that each is individually packaged. No hands directly touch the chocolate that will be eaten keeping it hygienic and safe as a gift during the pandemic.



Appearance:★★★★★ Value for money:★★★★ Official website: https://www.belamer-kyoto.jp/en/

Sébastien Bouillet

A well-known French patissier, Sébastien Bouillet is much loved in Japan. Maintaining the French aesthetic, this franchise incorporates Japanese tradition into their chocolates. This year too, the brand will have special Valentine Day chocolates that incorporate the fun aspect of makeup and especially popular are the Rouge à lèvres (lipstick) series.



Each lipstick is a chocolate and one would easily get fooled into assuming this is real makeup.



We took it out of the box, which has a gorgeous pattern, and it smells absolutely amazing.



Somehow, it's still hard to believe that this is just a chocolate. The strawberry flavor is one you might find in a high-end dessert, sweet yet subtly sour.



You can also buy chocolates that look like eye shadow palettes and compacts! From packaging to flavor, this is a big hit except for the price.



Appearance:★★★★★ Value for money:★★★ Official website: https://www.bouillet.jp/en/

Kit Kat

No one is unfamiliar with the world of Kit Kat chocolates. When it comes to individually-wrapped chocolates, it's really impossible not to mention Kit Kat. Other than the conventional flavors, you will often find many Japanese flavors that are available only in Japan.



Of course, the most popular among foreigners is the matcha flavor but we highly recommend that you try the Sparkling Wine with strawberry flavor for this Valentines.



The best thing is that the price is pocket friendly; you can buy a large package for just a several hundred yen.





Although the price is cheap, there is no compromise when it comes to taste and you definitely won't be disappointed, no matter the flavor you choose.





Appearance: ★★★ Value for money:★★★★★


In this feature, we introduced both expensive and reasonably priced chocolate options for this Valentine's Day that are individually wrapped making them pandemic friendly too!


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