Doggies welcome you at this onsen in Akita

Doggies welcome you at this onsen in Akita

Can you believe that there is a hot spring where you are welcomed by Akita-inu?
Located in Odate City, Akita prefecture, this is one of the top "100 famous hot springs" in Japan.
And why wouldn't it be? One of the best things here is you are greeted by Akita dogs before your soak! A great chance to hang out with these gorgeous fluff balls.
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The dogs seem comfortable with people around. A wonderful opportunity for shutter bugs to do a photo session too.
On the walls, you see images of the dogs when they were newborns. How adorable is this?
On the first floor, you can purchase various souvenirs from Akita prefecture.
This is somewhere you'd definitely want to visit in early winter to warm yourself by looking at these cute dogs.

Furusawa Onsen Koyokan (ふるさわ温泉 光葉館)

Address: 27 Niizuna, Odate-shi, Akita (Google Maps) Opening hours: 6:00 - 22:00 (summer) / 6:30 - 21:30 (winter) Official website: https://visitakita.com/hotel/004/
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