Face covers in fitting rooms! Only in Japan?

Face covers in fitting rooms! Only in Japan?

face cover
The first time you visit a store in Japan and want to try on clothes, you will be perplexed by this piece of transparent soft fabric that is handed over to you. Only in the women's fitting room, even most Japanese men don't know about this.
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Probably something some of you who've been shopping in Japan have encountered. Once you choose your clothes, you are guided into the dressing room by the staff and if you don't speak any Japanese, this might be tricky. The staff usually asks you to take your shoes off and points to a box with something that looks like tissue papers. Of course, since you can't understand Japanese, you are probably clueless about what to do with these. On asking friends, some thought it was to wipe their face!
only in japan
These are face covers that prevent new clothes from getting stained with makeup like foundation and lipsticks. All you have to do is put it over your head before you try your clothes. Personally I am extremely thankful for these especially when trying light-colored outfits.
A perfect example of the considerate attitude that Japanese are associated with! Considering the amount of fake lashes and sparkling eye shadows you see, this is a great idea and totally necessary! The only downside - these aren't reused and therefore, not eco-friendly. Do you have these in your country?
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