Spring must-haves: Limited edition products that are easy to get your hands on

Spring must-haves: Limited edition products that are easy to get your hands on

During the cherry blossom season every spring, a variety of Japanese brands, both big and small, release limited edition pink products. From well-known popular items to everyday household products, March and April see a wave of new pink packaging. Many eagerly anticipate these seasonal limited editions each year.

In this article, we introduce several common products found in convenience stores, supermarkets, and drugstores, that have special spring packaging. These products can be easily obtained without reservations or waiting in line, and are affordably priced.


Ayataka is a bottled tea drink introduced by Coca-Cola Japan that features high-quality tea from Uji, Kyoto. It enjoys a significant market share among similar products and is well-recognized in Japan.

Every year between March and April, the bottle design is renewed with cherry blossom motifs, bringing a hint of spring to store shelves and capturing the essence of the season.

Upon close inspection, there are two distinct cherry blossom patterns with varying shades, with the darker pink design featuring a Kyo Yuzen-inspired aesthetic.

Itoen Oi Ocha is another bottled tea that is equally popular as Ayataka. Its spring limited edition features a manga-inspired design with the entire bottle covered in cherry blossom petals, exuding both a romantic and cute vibe.

The same series also offers a classic rice tea, which features a cheerful yellow background adorned with illustrated cherry blossom trees, creating a delightful visual experience that brings joy to those who lay their eyes upon it.

Moving on to the next product, one that is undoubtedly familiar to all—Mitsuya Soda. A staple found in supermarkets and convenience stores, the manufacturer has launched a new spring product this year with a pink tone, featuring a peach flavor to match. Compared to the standard product available all year round, the peach fragrance is notably stronger upon opening the bottle.

When it comes to canned wines, the cherry-flavored "Horoyoi Sakuranbo Rose" series is a top pick for the spring season. Particularly favored among women in Japan, the falling cherry blossom petals and pink cherry illustrations perfectly capture the atmosphere of spring in Japan.


Next, let's check out some limited edition spring snacks. Lotte's Choco Pie is a well-known favorite. The top image shows the classic design we are all familiar with, while the bottom features the spring limited edition, with a pink hue inspired by strawberries. Although there are no cherry blossoms on the packaging, the strawberry tiramisu flavor is a must-try. Keep an eye out for it in your local supermarket.

Kobe Roasted Chocolat Milk Chocolate is another popular product in Japan that has stood the test of time. While the chocolate inside remains unchanged in taste, the packaging has undergone numerous transformations in the past few months. Each year, the release of the new packaging serves as a reminder that spring has arrived.

The spring limited edition of Calbee potato chips is even more direct than Kobe milk chocolate. The packaging features the character for spring (春) prominently, occupying more than half of the design, and is complemented by a background of green grass and cherry blossoms. It's hard not to feel like you're holding spring in your hands when you see this packaging.

Several convenience stores also release a variety of seasonal desserts in spring. For instance, 7-Eleven's classic choux pastry is available in a cherry blossom cream cheese flavor. The puff pastry has a light pink color, giving it a brand new look. However, the taste remains similar to that of ordinary choux pastry.

・Drugstore product

While there aren't too many cosmetic products with cherry blossom designs this year, Kanebo's Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is eye-catching. In addition to the renewed outer package, each small container inside is pink, making it much more visually appealing than the regular packs. For those who enjoy using this product, we highly recommend picking up a limited edition during the spring season.

We hope that the introduction of these limited edition spring products has sparked joy and excitement within you.

These items can be easily found in supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores, and if you have the opportunity to visit Japan during the spring season, be sure to try out these beautiful products.

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