• Shirarahama

    Number one beach in the Kansai area, white sandy beach stretching along the Kanayama Bay.

  • Saikazaki

    Known as a scenic spot since ancient times, it is called Okuwaka-ura, and is also chosen as the best coast in New Japanese Tourist Spots Top 100.

  • Niutsuhime Shrine

    World Heritage Site and head shrine for 180 other shrines dedicated to the Niutsuhime-no-Okami deity located around Japan with a history of over 1,700 years.

  • Nachi no Taki (Nachi Falls)

    Chosen as one of three Japanese famous waterfall, it is the tallest waterfall in Japan, measuring 133 m high and 13 m wide.

  • Kumano Kodo

    UNESCO World Heritage Site! Sacred pilgrimage site made with beautiful stone paths - Kumano Kodo.

  • Koyasan

    One of the most sacred places for Japanese Buddhism with over 1,200 years of history.

  • Engetsu-to (island)

    Symbol of Shirahama. Remarkable sunset which is included in the “Top 100 Sunsets of Wakayama Prefecture.”

  • Dorokyo Gorge (Doro-Hatcho)

    Distance of about 31 km. Large scenic gorge stretching over the three prefectures of Wakayama, Mie, and Nara!



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