• Uradome Shore

    Gorgeous views of nature and a dynamic shoreline.

  • Tottori Sand Dunes

    Tottori Sand Dunes where you can enjoy nature-made wind patters and camelback riding.

  • Mt. Mitoku Sanbutsu-ji

    The most dangerously located national treasure in Japan!? A mountain temple on a bare rock cliff.

  • Mt. Daisen

    Top mountain of the Sanyo region where beautiful views of rich nature unfold.

  • Misasa Onsen

    A tranquil hot spring village among the mountains that has been ticking for 850 years.

  • Kurayoshi

    A charming town with a beautiful contrast of white walls and red roof tiles.

  • Kaike Onsen

    Relax in the onsen town with a beautiful sunset and comforting "hot salt water."

  • Hakuto Shrine

    The representative of Japanese “Fluffy”! Hakuto Shrine enshrines the white rabbit (Shimane prefecture)



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