• Yubatake

    The symbol of Kusatsu Onsen, the spring source covered with steam all the time.

  • Watarase Keikoku Railway

    Cherry blossoms and red leaves can be enjoyed from Watarase Keikoku Railway which runs in northern Kanto region.

  • Tomioka Silk Mill

    The facility that contributed to the modernization of Japan, a world heritage site that Japan boasts to the world.

  • Tambara Lavender Park

    The largest lavender fields in the Kanto area with around 50,000 blooming flowers!

  • Ozegahara

    See abundant nature and rare wetland plant species at Japan's biggest mountain wetlands.

  • Netsu no Yu

    Famous destination for watching and experiencing Yumomi (traditional method of lowering the temperature of hot spring water).

  • Mt. Myogi

    Popular hiking spot in Gunma known as one of the top three most rugged views in Japan for its unique rock formations.

  • Mt. Haruna

    Famous mountain of Gunma, selected as one of Japan's top mountains for its beauty.

  • Mt. Asama

    Exquisite view from the mountain top! Popular climbing spot, known as one of the world's few active volcanoes.

  • Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland

    The number one zoo for reptiles in Japan! Zoo with a wealth of activities that allow you to interact with animals.

  • Kusatsu Onsen

    One of Japan's top three famous onsen! Top Japanese Onsen frequented since the Edo period.

  • Konnyaku Park

    Konnyaku Park located in Gunma prefecture that is Japan's top producer of konnyaku



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