• Nagai

    A long standing buckwheat noodle restaurant established in 1924. Its handmade buckwheat noodles have a lot of fans among celebrities.

  • Meat Restaurant Ikufudo

    A restaurant owned by a meat shop and offering dishes made with fresh and high-quality meat at reasonable prices

  • Café & Restaurant Ashima

    A long-established restaurant offering western dishes where many fans, even those who live far away, will visit to have its specialty “yaki (grilled) curry”

  • Oven Pizza Shop La Biere

    A pizza shop that is famous for authentic Napoli pizzas freshly baked in a special oven once they have been ordered

  • Café & Bar Rakusuirakuzan

    A long-established café & bar with a history since 1502, situated in a Japanese-style inn that offers a stylish atmosphere

  • Sabo Temari

    A popular café situated in an old Japanese-style house where you can also enjoy shopping for Japanese goods, pottery, and folk crafts.

  • Restaurant Yumemitei

    A restaurant where you can casually enjoy the taste and hospitality of Matsumotorou, a long-established and high-end inn

  • Curry Udon Shop Yuukian

    A shop specialized in curry udon using Mizusawa udon, one of the top three udon of Japan

  • Handmade Soba Restaurant Ikeya

    A famous soba restaurant in the Ikaho Onsen Town where not only locals but people from far away also visit!

  • Café Spa Neue Post

    A stylish café situated in a long-established onsen inn with a history since 1925

  • Sabo Gute Reise

    A retro and stylish café situated in the renovated bath of the oldest Japanese-style inn in Japan

  • Patisserie & Restaurant Tsukinoi

    A restaurant with a patisserie that is very famous for additives- and color-free western confectionery and dishes made with carefully selected ingredients!



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