• Uta-chan

    A restaurant where you can have an authentic Fujinomiya Yakisoba with special sauce and homemade fried pork fat.

  • Sakurai Udon

    A Yoshida Udon restaurant that first started boiled cabbage topping.

  • Numazu Uoichiba Shokudo

    A restaurant in a fish market that serves the fresh catch of the day.

  • Momijitei

    A restaurant that serves Yamanashi's regional dish hoto using homemade miso that has been aged for two years.

  • Miyaki

    A long-standing Yoshida Udon restaurant near Fuji-Q Highland.

  • Fujinomiya Yakisoba Gakkai

    A Fujinomiya Yakisoba restaurant that won the grand prize in a regional cuisine competition and made these noodles popular throughout Japan.



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