Tokyo Racecourse, a new attractive theme park in Tokyo you can never get tired of!

Tokyo Racecourse, a new attractive theme park in Tokyo you can never get tired of!

Visiting mainstream spots like Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara is totally fine, but visiting a novel spot to experience something new and extra-ordinary is even better, isn’t it? This time we will introduce a trendy and cute spot in Tokyo, which is extremely popular among Japanese women. How about spending your weekend in Japan here?

The most amazing racecourse ever!

Tokyo Racecourse is located near Fuchukeiba-seimommae Station, which is accessible by train from Shinjuku Station for about 30 minutes. Tokyo Racecourse is one of the hypest spots to visit in Tokyo at the moment, and many couples and families visit it on weekends. Unlike other countries, where racecourse has a negative image as a place for gambling, racecourses in Japan are like theme parks, where visitors can interact with horses.Click here to see more information!

Many attractive spots for women!

One of the best features of Tokyo Racecourse is its large number of attractive spots for women to enjoy! Among its trendy and charming spots, only women can enter the UMAJO SPOT. UMAJO SPOT is a space where you can relax and it offers delectable sweets and free drinks. There is also a female concierge offering supports to visitors.

Play and interact with many horses!

You can interact with many horses at Tokyo Racecourse. Let us introduce some spots where you can meet those adorable horses.


A guide horse will welcome you in front of the gate! Here, you can see a beautiful and dashing horse up-close, and you may also caress the horse if you want to. Even though this guide horse only stays at the gate for 20 minutes after the racecourse is opened, you can play with it in the morning and in the afternoon at “Riding Center”.
In addition, you can also try horse riding here! Feel the thrill of riding on the back of a horse like a jockey! (Numbered tickets needed)
A horse carriage also runs along the boulevard. (Numbered tickets needed)


Apart from that, you can also watch ponies and large horses dancing at the horse show! Their dynamic and graceful moves are stunning!

Facilities where families and children have fun!

Tokyo Racecourse has facilities for families and children. Hiyoshigaoka Park, which is popular among children, has many exciting attractions to enjoy. One of the most remarkable attractions is a pirate ship named Derby. There is also Basha Basha Park, a favorite attraction for children to play water on a hot summer’s day.
At the end of the passageway under the course where horse race takes place, there is a horse-riding course, where you can find athletics playground equipment, an inflatable balloon arch called Fua Fua Turfy, and also a mini bullet train that runs around the family zone!

A great lineup of delectable food!

After playing with these horses, let’s try the food sold at Tokyo Racecourse! Just like a food paradise, Tokyo Racecourse has approximately 100 shops offering mouth-watering food. Starting from big meal to snacks and sweets, you can enjoy various types of food here! How about filling your tummy with these scrumptious dishes?

Watch the spectacular race up-close!

Visiting Tokyo Racecourse is incomplete if you don’t watch the horse race! Wouldn’t it be amazing to witness a dashing horse running at maximum speed on this huge, beautiful, and well-trimmed grass racecourse? How about experiencing this once in a lifetime moment?

Japan Cup: one of the best races in the world

Japan Cup is held once a year at the Tokyo Racecourse. The highest-level horses from all over the world and the best Japanese thoroughbreds go head-to-head at this famous international race! Spectators enjoy watching the horses engage in a fierce competition every year!


On November 24, the day of the Japan Cup, some special events are held to commemorate the race. This year, novelty goods will be presented only to foreign visitors. Further, visitors who participate and complete the stamp rally will be given a 1000 yen discount ticket that can be used at the eateries at the Racecourse or special novelty goods! Click here to see more information!



Tokyo Racecourse is more than just a racecourse, it is almost an amusement park, and truly a novel, unexplored tourist attraction in Tokyo! How about visiting the Tokyo Racecourse on your trip to Japan and having an unforgettable experience?


Tokyo Racecourse Address: 1-1 Hiyoshicho, Fuchu, Tokyo Access: A 2-minute walk to the Main Gate from Fuchukeiba-seimonmae Station on the Keio Line from Shinjuku Station A 10-minute walk to the East Gate from Higashi Fuchu Station on the Keio Line from Shinjuku Station A 5-minute walk to the Main Gate from Fuchu Honmachi Station on JR Musashino Line or Nambu Line A 10-minute walk to the South Gate of Koremasa Station on the Seibu Line


Admission: 200 yen (Free for those under 15 years) *Admission fee is required only on race days; free entry on other days. *Admission fee includes access to all the facilities.