The area around Narita International Airport is not only convenient but also full of fun things to do! Base yourself at Hotel Nikko Narita and enjoy Japan to your heart’s content!

The area around Narita International Airport is not only convenient but also full of fun things to do! Base yourself at Hotel Nikko Narita and enjoy Japan to your heart’s content!

Want to travel back to the time of the samurai in Japan? Hotel Nikko Narita’s newest bus route will help you do it!

Hotel Nikko Narita, the closest hotel to Narita International Airport of Japan’s famous hotel chain, is proud to announce commencement of a complimentary shuttle bus to the Experience Museum Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura, a replica of a traditional ancient Japanese town (Admission to the museum is costs 300 per adult).
The facility is designed to recreate the atmosphere of Japan from around 300 years ago and offers over 300 different kinds of hands-on activities throughout the year that include making ornamental candles decorated with chiyogami (brightly colored paper with Japanese designs), making accessories with tatami (Japanese straw mats), and practicing sado (traditional Japanese tea ceremony). If you make a reservation you can even try on some armor that the samurai wore in battle. Since access to the museum is usually limited to those with a car, our complimentary shuttle service is definitely something you want to take advantage of!

Plenty of quality attractions to see around Narita!

There are other quality attractions to enjoy around Narita International Airport! When in the area, you definitely would not want to miss Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, which welcomes over 10 million visitors every year. Other attractions that you would want to take in are the Niomon guardian statues, an elaborate and beautiful three-storied pagoda, and other officially designated important cultural properties that remain relatively unchanged from 200 years ago. The street that stretches out in front of Shinshoji Temple also makes you feel like you’re walking around in traditional Japan and it is here you can find many souvenir stores and cafes, as well as famous restaurants serving dishes featuring Narita’s local specialty of eel. Go ahead and enjoy the flavor of Narita on your visit to the temple.
If shopping is what you have in mind, head over to the Shisui Premium Outlets, where many of the stores offer assistance in English and duty-free goods. There is even a direct highway bus that leaves from the Hotel Nikko Narita. What is better than finishing all of your shopping in Japan here and heading directly back to the hotel by bus!?

Enjoy Narita as your base for exploring Japan

Perhaps there are many people who think the area around Narita International Airport is a little inconvenient for exploring Japan. As a matter of fact, however, Narita has great access to Tokyo! There are highway buses that run from Narita International Airport into downtown Tokyo from early morning until late at night for only 1,000 yen. If you have a Japan Rail Pass, which provides unlimited rides on the shinkansen (bullet train) and express trains, you can take the Narita Express which will get you to downtown Tokyo in just an hour. From there, you can change to the shinkansen lines and continue your trip smoothly to places like Kyoto and Osaka. Recently, there is a rise in the popularity of using Narita as a base due to all its conveniences without bothering with the relatively expensive prices of hotels in Tokyo. You can also ride a free shuttle bus from Narita International Airport to Hotel Nikko Narita that takes only five minutes.
Okura Nikko hotel chain has a remarkable reputation among its guests for all the wonderful services it offers. One of the most popular rooms is the “J-Style Family Room,” designed in a Japanese-style while still having the conveniences of a modern hotel. The rooms have a Japanese design but are also roomy so you have plenty of space to relax in. The room can accommodate four people for a price that would usually cover only three, another great point to consider. Furthermore, compared to some hotels in downtown Tokyo that are of the same class, rooms can be found here for less than half of the price. There is just no reason to not stay here.
For those interested, click below! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ http://www.nikko-narita.com/english/stay/room/ Choosing the right hotel for your trip is essential. For those using Narita International Airport and staying in a capsule hotel or guest house in Tokyo, why not enjoy a far more accommodating hotel in Narita for the same price? Not only is life inside of the hotel fantastic, but a wide variety of activities to experience Japan and shopping are offered here, which is a combination of services you will not easily find elsewhere. 【Details】 Hotel Nikko Narita(ホテル日航成田) For reservations ⇒http://www.nikko-narita.com/english/ TEL:+81-476-32-0032 Access: Five-minute free shuttle bus from the JR Narita Airport Station located in Terminal 2 of Narita International Airport