Indulge in Cuteness: dacō, Japan's Trending Bakery

Indulge in Cuteness: dacō, Japan's Trending Bakery


The trend of Japanese desserts continues to flourish, with new updates and innovations emerging every year, month, and even week. Amidst this ever-evolving scene, the popular doughnut shop I'm Donut remains a crowd favorite, drawing long lines of eager customers daily. Intrigued by this ongoing trend, we delved deeper and discovered a delightful cafe where you can enjoy I'm Donut.

dacō, a beloved bakery chain owned by the renowned Amam Dacotan, has locations in Fukuoka and Omotesando. What sets dacō apart is its charming assortment of small, artistically crafted bread pieces, available in both savory and sweet varieties. Just one look at these adorable creations, and you'll find them irresistible. Excitingly, dacō has opened a new branch at Ochanomizu Station on February 21, 2024. This location features a cozy cafe area where customers can savor hot, freshly baked bread right in the store. Additionally, this branch offers exclusive bread varieties, available only at Ochanomizu. The recipes for these unique offerings are crafted by the talented chefs from I'm Donut and Amam Dacotan, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

Mini Versions of Your Favorite Baked Goods


Upon entering the store, you'll find trays and tongs ready for you, just like in any other bakery. However, what sets dacō apart is the delightful challenge of choosing from their extensive selection of breads. With up to 50 different varieties, the sheer number can be overwhelming. Each bread is small, round, and perfectly bite-sized, allowing you to sample a wide range of flavors in one visit. This unique feature is a major draw for dacō, making it a favorite among bread lovers.


In addition to their signature breads, dacō offers the exclusive I'm Donut, available for enjoyment in the cafe. This limited-edition item is a must-try at the Ochanomizu branch. The menu also includes a variety of savory options like sandwiches and cheese-based items, unique to this location.


These savory choices are perfect for balancing out the sweetness of the other offerings, or for enjoying as a satisfying meal. Each bakery item is priced between ¥190 and ¥480, depending on your selection.

Inside the Store


The shop's interior has a charming ambiance. A simple, curved concrete counter creates cozy, private seating areas perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy photos. The shop maintains a calm and soothing atmosphere with subdued lighting, making it a relaxing place to sit and unwind.


One of the highlights of dacō is the ability to watch the entire bread-making process from your seat. The shop's kitchen is centrally located, allowing you to see the mixers, employees kneading dough, and bags of flour—all the elements that go into creating their delicious bread. This transparency adds to the unique and engaging experience, as you witness each step in crafting the delightful treats.

What to Expect


The highlight of this dacō branch is that it not only offers limited edition bread but also provides a cozy space for dining in, unlike most other locations that focus primarily on takeout. After selecting your bread and paying, the staff will ask if you want to eat in or takeout. If you choose to dine in, they'll offer you a selection of drinks to enjoy with your meal.


The shop's beverage menu includes fresh fruit drinks, sodas, and classic café options such as tea, chocolate, and coffee. Their latte, in particular, is a standout choice, with a perfectly balanced flavor that complements their delicious bread offerings.

Let's Dig In

Oat Bread with Sausage


One of the exclusive savory bread options at this branch is the oat bread stuffed with sausage. This small sandwich bread fits perfectly in your hand and is covered in oats, adding a delightful texture.


Inside, you'll find a flavorful cheese sausage that complements the bread beautifully. The combination of the delicious sausage, fresh vegetables, and hearty oat bread creates a perfectly balanced and mouth-watering treat.

Bread with Chocolate Chunks


The Chocolate Bread at dacō is a standout item, featuring large pieces of chocolate. As you peruse the bread counter, this intriguing option immediately catches your eye. The chocolate inside is crunchy and firm, providing a delightful contrast to the rich, soft bread. This treat offers a perfect balance of contrasting tastes and textures, delivering an indulgent experience packed with chocolatey goodness.

Bite-Sized French Toast


Another adorable offering from the shop is the bite-sized French toast, beautifully decorated with dense white cream and large, vibrant red strawberries. The visual appeal of this treat makes it irresistible. The toast itself boasts a rich flavor that permeates deep into the bread, with a crispy exterior and a soft, tender interior.


When paired with the firm, sweet white cream on top, the deliciousness is elevated to a new level. The sweet and sour taste of the strawberries provides a perfect balance, offsetting the sweetness of the toast and creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

I'm Donut, Mini Dessert


One of the key reasons for this branch's popularity is that fans of I'm Donut know they can enjoy these sought-after treats without enduring the typically long lines. Initially, customers waited 1-3 hours, but fortunately, on the day we visited, the wait was only 10 minutes. When you visit this branch, the I'm Donut menu is a must-try. Although they offer only the standard donut menu, it features the best signature dishes of I'm Donut.


The chocolate donut, in particular, is a standout. It's fluffy, soft, and bouncy, providing a unique texture that only I'm Donut can offer. These small, bite-sized pieces allow you to sample multiple flavors without feeling too full. So, when you visit, be sure not to miss the donuts alongside the other delightful bakery offerings.

So, what's behind the trend of dacō shops in Japan these days? If you have the chance to visit Tokyo and are on the lookout for a charming café, dacō is an excellent choice. With its adorable ambiance, delightful array of breads and pastries, and unique dining experience, it's a must-visit bakery café.


Business Hours: 11:00-20:00 (Closed on Wed, Thurs, Fri)

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