Tokyo's Freshest Trend in Doughnut Delights, I’m Donut?

Tokyo's Freshest Trend in Doughnut Delights, I’m Donut?


In Japan, the dessert scene is currently buzzing with a doughnut craze, with numerous specialty shops emerging across the country. Among these, I'm Donut? stands out as a popular choice. Renowned for its freshly made doughnuts, the brand emphasizes health-conscious recipes without compromising on flavor. Intrigued by its growing popularity, we decided to visit multiple branches to gauge the extent of its acclaim.

Long lines at every branch


At the Omotesando branch, distinguished by its charming pink storefront, eager customers form a line stretching roughly 300 meters by noon. Despite the scorching sun, spirits remain high as visitors patiently await their turn, equipped with umbrellas to shield them from the heat.

The allure of I'm Donut's limited menu, featuring tantalizing options like Roasted Chestnuts with Berry Custard and Keema Curry Donut, adds to the anticipation.


At the Harajuku branch, adorned with a vibrant yellow storefront, the scene is no less bustling than its Omotesando counterpart. Despite the presence of a second-floor café, which may initially give the impression of a shorter line, the reality is quite the opposite.


As midday approaches, a steady stream of patrons forms queues that, while seemingly shorter, still promise a wait of 1-2 hours, a testament to the store's enduring popularity. Notably, among the diverse crowd, foreign visitors eagerly await their turn, indicating I'm Donut's rising acclaim among tourists.

Joining the queue


The Nakameguro branch is immediately visible as you take the east exit from the station. Arriving at the Nakameguro branch, we were met with a sight familiar from our previous visits: a lengthy queue extending far beyond the storefront.


Despite its early hour, around 10:00 AM, the line already comprised 30-40 eager customers, snaking back from the shop's entrance.


Progress was slow but steady; after 45 minutes, we found ourselves inching closer to the display of fresh doughuts.


As you near the entrance, a staff member hands out order sheets for you to write your order. At this point, we had already waited for over an hour.



The menu here is not as extensive as the other branches. Fill out the quantity and type of doughnuts you would like. Since the doughnuts are "nama" or fresh, they must be consumed on the day of purchase.

Please note that the Nakameguro branch operates on a cash-only or PayPay payment system.

Got the doughnuts!


After a wait of 1 hour and 15 minutes at the Nakameguro branch, our much-anticipated moment arrived: tasting the freshly baked delights from I'm Donut.


The doughnuts are freshly made with great care. It is recommended to store them at a temperature lower than 20 degrees so that the sprinkled sugar or fillings don't melt.


These are the options we ordered. Despite a slight deformation due to the warm weather during transit, each doughnut exuded an irresistible aroma and promise of decadence. We chose both sweet and savory ones.


Beginning with the lemon-flavored doughuts, their round, sugar-coated exterior hinted at how delicious it would be inside. Soft and fluffy, with a delightful lemony sauce enveloping them, these treats offered a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess.


The dough is soft and airy and coated with icing sugar. The lemon flavor complements the chewy dough well.


Next came the highly recommended Pistachio Cream Filled Donuts, which lived up to their reputation.


With each tear, the luscious cream oozed out, thanks to the dough's delicate texture. The powdered coating added a unique sweetness, elevating the indulgence to new heights.


Venturing into savory territory, the prosciutto dougnuts are a delightful surprise. A departure from the typical sweet offerings, these savory treats resembled more of a bread than a traditional doughnut.


The salty prosciutto provided a satisfying contrast to the soft dough, making them a suitable option for breakfast or any time of the day. A great pick for those who don't like sweets.

Most popular options


While boasting a diverse range of flavors, it's the simplicity of the original doughnut, aptly named "I'm Donut," that steals the spotlight. Embodying the essence of the shop's concept, these fresh, uncomplicated treats stand out for their unique charm.

Following closely in popularity is the indulgent chocolate flavor, renowned for its rich cocoa-infused dough and chewy texture. The subtle bitterness of the chocolate perfectly complements the sweetness, making it a beloved choice among patrons.

Reflecting on the multitude of doughnut experiences sampled thus far, I'm Donut stands out as a remarkable culinary journey. With their delectable offerings boasting freshness and unique textures, these doughnuts are a departure from the norm. It's evident why queues form daily, as visitors eagerly seek to savor these exceptional treats. For those fortunate enough to visit Japan, a visit to I'm Donut is a must. With branches spanning Tokyo to Fukuoka Prefecture, indulging in these delightful creations is an experience not to be missed.

Branch Details

Shibuya: 11:00-20:00


Omotesando: 11:00-20:00


Harajuku: 10:00-20:00


Nakameguro: 9:00-19:00


Fukuoka: 11:00-20:00


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