Cute little things to look for on the island of Enoshima (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Cute little things to look for on the island of Enoshima (Kanagawa Prefecture)


Kamakura is a popular tourist spot and most visitors do a day trip from Tokyo as it is very well connected to the city. Each season offers different scenic views making it a weekend spot even for Japanese. Enoshima, in particular, is simple, rustic with an old-world charm that is deeply loved by everyone.



Although this small island is only 0.41km² in size, it is surprisingly full of delightful sights. Let's check out all the adorable things you can see here.


To go to Enoshima, you usually take the Enoden, a local train. As soon as you arrive at Enoshima Station, pay attention to the super cute frog and tadpole at the end of the tracks.



At the station entrance, you can see these unbelievably charming sparrows all dressed up. Usually the clothes change according to the season as one of the granny's of the community gets them tailored.



The Enoshima Hello Kitty Teahouse is one not to be missed if you love Sanrio characters.



There are many limited and exclusive items only available here. Even if you're not a fan, you'll be enchanted by the products here.





You can enjoy food as well as drinks.



Even the straw in the takeaway cup is shaped like a heart.



There is a small shrine at the top of the island.



The fortune (omikuji) here comes in the form of a goddess.



Benzaiten is the Buddhist patron goddess of literature and music, of wealth, and of femininity. You can find your fortune on the base.



You can also buy limited-edition drinks on the island with gorgeous illustrations on the bottles.



Some of them have a retro feel.



In addition, Enoshima is also known to have cats. Although wild, many islanders voluntarily feed them.



In fact, no one disturbs cats if they're napping or lazying around. It's like they own the island.



Enoshima is very small but it is not an exaggeration to say that each street leads to the sea with scenes that transport you to another time.



Be it dawn or dusk, the landscape itself has a calming effect.



When you visit Enoshima, make sure to take your time and admire all the tiny cute things. It'll surely make your trip even more memorable.



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