Japan's largest-ever Sailor Moon exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo

Japan's largest-ever Sailor Moon exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo




Finally Japan is ready to welcome foreign tourists and for those who love Sailor Moon, this is the best time to visit the country. The largest-ever exhibition of Sailor Moon is being held at the Roppongi Museum and its open only till the end of 2022. A great chance to see the original drawings of famous scenes, if you plan on a trip to Tokyo, this is a must do. The Sailor Moon Museum is held at the Roppongi Museum. You can book tickets online.



On entering, you can take a photo in front of this large Sailor Moon image, which has a 90's vibe.



Once the ticket has been redeemed, you will receive a card for purchasing exclusive goods towards the end. This is to prevent people from buying products without seeing the show.



This patterned entrance is something that most Sailor Moon fans will be familiar with!



Upon entering, you will find Sailor Moon's various wands installed - perfect to take a commemorative photo.



Do you have a favorite magical wand or scepter? Each one is carefully crafted with exquisite details.



Whose scepter is this?



Furthermore, you can also see the weapons of other sailors.



After shooting photos, you will be shown a video; photos and videos are prohibited. Once the video is done, you can take photos again.



The next room combines the timeline and summaries of the Sailor Moon arcs.



Check out the different expressions of the characters in the original illustrations and artwork.





Each room is unique.



Illustrations of the anime version are exhibited here. You can clearly tell the difference from that of the manga version.



Sailor Moon Crystal is a remake of the old version; while it stays true to the original, it has slight nuances.



In 2023, a new theatrical version, Sailor Moon Cosmos, will be released: a highly anticipated sequel to Eternal.



This is the corner where Sailor Moon costumes are displayed. Goods and toys are also on display, so you might be able to see things you had as a child!



Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.



The cute castle house that you might have wanted in your childhood.



There are also cute little magical wands.



Do you know when this scepter came out?



Transformation Pen!!!



Figurines ranging from the old to the new are also on display. Isn't this figurine of Usagi and Mamoru adorable?



Small sizes are also available. Don't they look unbelievably cute?



There is also a doll edition.



These are exhibits that remind me of my childhood. Every Sailor Moon fan will love it!



Although the collectibles displayed at this event are not for sale you can find them at anime merchandise stores in places such as Akihabara or Nakano broadway.


You cannot take pictures in the corner where original paintings are displayed. The exhibition is in three phases and the exhibits vary for each period. Vol.1: July 1 - Sep 4 (1st and 2nd arcs) Vol.2: Sep 10 - Nov 6 (3rd and 4th arcs) Vol.3: Nov 12 - Dec 30 (5th arc)



After viewing the original illustrations, in the next room is a large gallery where you can take pictures. Even though it's not the originals, it's still so charming that you can't take your eyes off it.



One last photo of the exhibition before entering the souvenir shop.



There is a Sailor Moon Cafe inside the museum, so you can feel the world view of Sailor Moon. Feel free to stop by for a drink.



There are plenty of Sailor Moon-themed food options too.



Even the toilet sign has a Sailor Moon-inspired design.



It's a very cute detail.



If you get a chance to visit Tokyo, do stop by to enjoy a different experience of Sailor Moon.


Sailor Moon Museum

Vol.1: July 1 - Sep 4 (1st and 2nd arcs) Vol.2: Sep 10 - Nov 6 (3rd and 4th arcs) Vol.3: Nov 12 - Dec 30 (5th arc) Google Map https://sailormoon-museum.com/en/ Online reservation
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