Step Back in Time: Family Fun at Edo Wonderland

Step Back in Time: Family Fun at Edo Wonderland


Japan is a popular family destination, and Edo Wonderland in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, is a must-visit for those intrigued by the country's rich history. Edo Wonderland, or Nikko Edomura, is a unique historical theme park that transports visitors back to the flourishing Edo period of Japan.

The park offers a diverse range of activities set in a meticulously recreated Edo-era town. Families can immerse themselves in various experiences, from ninja adventures to watching authentic Edo period theater. Highlights include geisha performances, samurai shows, and hands-on opportunities to craft traditional senbei and other Edo-period delicacies. With so much to see and do, Edo Wonderland promises a full day of educational fun and cultural immersion for visitors of all ages. Let's explore what this historical gem has in store!

Getting There


Reaching Edo Wonderland is straightforward, whether you're starting from Asakusa, Shinjuku, or Ikebukuro.

From Asakusa Station, simply board the Tobu Kinugawa Line, disembark at Kinugawa Onsen Station, and then hop on a bus for a quick 15-minute ride to the park.

Similarly, if you're traveling from Shinjuku or Ikebukuro Station, take the JR Kinugawa Spacial Kinugawa Line to Kinugawa Onsen Station. From there, it's just a 15-minute bus journey.

For other routes: https://edowonderland.net/en/access/

Transform into an Edo-Era Character


You can change into authentic Edo period outfits at Edo Wonderland. This unique experience goes beyond just offering yukata, kimono, and samurai attire. Immerse yourself fully in the era with a variety of costumes, including those of bankers, merchants, princesses, and more.

Dress up to match the vibrant atmosphere of Edo Wonderland and stroll through the park, capturing unforgettable moments at numerous photo spots. There are costumes available for everyone, including adults and children.

For outfit details: https://edowonderland.net/en/costume/

Stroll through a Replica Town


Explore a bygone era in Edo Wonderland's meticulously recreated Edo-period town. The park's authentic ambiance is enhanced by historical structures, bell towers once used for timekeeping, and traditional boats navigating serene rivers. Each building within the park hosts a variety of engaging activities. Test your skills in ninja-style dart throwing, learn the art of Japanese fencing, and much more.


For photography enthusiasts, the opportunity to dress in Edo-period costumes and capture timeless moments amidst this historic backdrop is unparalleled. Not only will you leave with a unique and memorable souvenir photo from your Japan trip, but you'll also gain a deeper appreciation for traditional Japanese culture.

Ninja Theater


Don't miss the ninja show at Edo Wonderland, a thrilling highlight of the park. This performance offers a glimpse into the secretive world of ninjas, showcasing their skills, tactics, and way of life. Discover why ninjas moved with the stealth of a cat and witness an exhilarating depiction of ninja battles, resembling a high-quality stage play. The show is enhanced by lights and sound effects, creating an immersive experience. Please note that photography and video recording are not permitted inside the theater.


In addition to the ninja show, Edo Wonderland also features other captivating performances such as the Wakamatsu-ya, Minami Machi Magistrates Office, and the Mizugei-za (water performance theater). Be sure to check the show schedule upon arrival to make the most of your visit.

Schedule: https://edowonderland.net/en/show/

Mesmerizing Oiran Parade


The Oiran Parade is an outdoor show not to be missed. This parade showcases the opulent world of the oiran, high-class courtesans of the Edo period, distinct from geisha who were artists and entertainers but not involved in the courtesan lifestyle. The oiran, celebrated for their beauty and elegance, were at the apex of a complex hierarchy in the pleasure quarters.

This hierarchy included various levels such as Tayu, Koshi, and Yobidashi, each with its distinct role and status. Oiran, the highest rank, were known for their sophisticated attire, including luxurious kimono and towering platform clogs. Witnessing the Oiran Parade is a rare opportunity to see a reenactment of this unique aspect of Japanese culture. The parade presents a glimpse into the oiran's life, their elaborate dress, and the traditional rituals surrounding their appearance.


Schedule: https://edowonderland.net/en/schedule/

Toast a Senbei


In the park's authentic Edo period buildings, you'll find charming cafes and restaurants. But the real treat is toasting your own senbei, a traditional rice cracker. Under the guidance of a "grandmother," both children and adults can learn the art of senbei-making. Additionally, the park offers a variety of other engaging experiences. You can try Edo period makeup, participate in samurai training, explore your artistic side with drawing classes, and much more. These activities are designed to cater to all interests, ensuring that both girls and boys have a memorable and enjoyable time.


Check other activities: https://edowonderland.net/en/experience/

Try Being a Ninja


Embrace the thrill of being a ninja at Edo Wonderland, a standout activity especially for the younger visitors. This ninja training experience is a unique opportunity for kids aged 5-12 to step into the shoes of these legendary Japanese warriors.


Participants undergo a series of challenges and training exercises, navigating checkpoints and completing various stages to earn their ninja status. The activities, designed to test agility, physical strength, and quick thinking, are a huge hit with children. They get to climb, dodge, and move swiftly, all under the watchful eyes of experienced ninja trainers.


Language barriers aren't an issue, as the ninjas are English-speaking and interpreters are available for other languages. After successfully completing all 10 levels of the ninja course, participants are honored in a special certificate presentation ceremony, officially recognizing them as ninjas.


Edo Wonderland also offers a glimpse into the judicial system of the Edo period through a police trial reenactment, among many other activities.

Detailed experience list: https://edowonderland.net/en/experience/

Buy Souvenirs


Discover a world of Edo-era treasures at Edo Wonderland, where a variety of shops offer everything from children's toy swords to expertly crafted adult swords, traditional costumes, unique accessories, and authentic sweets. These items make perfect souvenirs, encapsulating the rich cultural heritage of your visit to this historical theme park.

You can also check the souvenirs in advance: https://edowonderland.net/en/gift/

Edo Wonderland is a vast theme park, and to ensure a seamless experience, you'll receive a map upon entry for easy navigation. Language is no barrier here, with maps available in English, Thai, Chinese, and Korean.

We hope Edo Wonderland will be your chosen destination for an unforgettable family adventure in Japan. The park offers a unique blend of art, sculptures, atmospheric settings, traditional costumes, engaging shows, and a plethora of activities. It's not just about entertainment; it's an opportunity to create lasting memories with your family, steeped in Japan's rich cultural past.


Reserve tickets in advance through klook

Admission fee:

1 day: Adults ¥5800 / Children ¥3000 / Seniors ¥4700

After 14:00: Adults ¥5000 / Children ¥2600 / Seniors ¥4000

For further details: https://edowonderland.net/en/price/

Note: Some experiences and activities may have an additional charge.

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00.

Opening hours are subject to change and may vary. For latest updates: https://edowonderland.net/en/calendar/

Official website: https://edowonderland.net/en/

Google map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/AeX52MEmoRNt6cZv9

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